Ancelotti: “We are a team of unity and quality”


After taking a small lead in the first leg of the round of 16 Champions, Ancelotti He went to the press room to highlight the work of his team which, again, despite the losses, played a difficult game.

“Everyone’s job was hard, hard but the team was focused and held on until the end. The team was very supportive.”

Owned by Lunin

“Lunin did a very good job. He had a lot of confidence and he played a very good game and he did it very well”

Tchouaméni as center back

“He understands very well what the team needs and he always seems to play as a center back. He is positionally smart and strong in duels and can play in this position. We fixed the emergency we had at the back with a strong commitment from everyone. We are a supportive team with quality.”

Growth of Brahim

“After two years in Milan I saw him more powerful, stronger and with more quality. Then he gets more minutes and his level is a level where you can see that he has a lot of confidence in what he is doing. “

Goal disallowed

“You can ask the referee. I think it was interference with Lunin and that’s how the referee saw it.”

Brahim’s goal

“I think he has a knock, which is not athletic. My first thought when the game started for the goal was that he did not lose the ball and he did not lose. Every time he played he was good. and now when Jude (Bellingham) was not there helped us a lot.”

Team Doctor

“It was a tough test today because Leipzig played with great intensity.”

Source: La Verdad


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