The premiere of Bryan Zaragoza, ready


The journey of Bryan Zaragoza (22) in Bavaria It hasn’t started as expected. The Andalusian winger has yet to make his debut and is having some adaptation problems, which can be predicted.

The damage of eat advanced his arrival to Munich, scheduled for next season. It was expected that this would give him minutes from the first moment, but that was not the case. Nothing could be further from reality. A bad cold and the team’s sporting crisis meant that Tuchel could not find the perfect moment to give him his first chance.

Adaptation problems

His first weeks were difficult because the Spanish did not master either German or English, which was an issue This makes communication with the coach and the rest of the locker room difficult.. This is how the German coach explained it in the preview of the match against lazioin which he also did not participate and his team fell (1-0).

”Unfortunately, Bryan Zaragoza came and got sick (he had the flu). This Monday is his first training session with the team. Now, the second one,” he said. And he remembered the difficulty in understanding him: “Linguistically, we still have problems, but he was among those summoned.”

Once the tourmalet has passed, with a defeat (3-0) against Bayer Leverkusen and after falling again in the Champions League, it is expected that they will now enter the dynamics of the group and reach the second leg with real possibilities to help to overcome the tie.

The tireless dribbler is eagerly waiting for the moment to jump on the green and start justifying to the German public the 13 million he is worth. This Sunday’s game (5:30 pm) at home to Bochum, one of the worst teams in the competition, was chosen for him to make his debut as a Bavarian.

Source: La Verdad


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