Messi explained his absence from the Hong Kong friendly


Leo Messi came out in front of critics where he underwent Inter Miami’s tour of Asian lands, then do not join in the friendly played by the North American team Hong Kong and they did so, just a few days later, at the next friendly, in Japan. Messi published this video despite the fact that at the time he had already offered his explanations regarding the reasons for his absence from that match.

In a video which is just over two minutes long, will be broadcast through it social networks, the argentine star throw awayas thought, that his absence from the soil in China was due to political issues and he assures that those days he felt adductor discomfort who advised him to rest to prevent his condition from worsening.

In his speech, Leo emphasized the many times he has participated in China, both in friendly matches and other kinds of events, and wishes. you can do it again in the medium term.

Leo’s full statement

This is full content of his intervention:

“I read and heard a lot after what happened in the match Hong Kong. Because of this I chose to make this video and give the explanation of what it really is and no need to read Wrong things.

As everyone knows, I always want to play and I do even in all games. I heard that he doesn’t want to play political topics and many other things They have nothing to do with it. If so, directly I would not have traveled there. I went to Japan and I went to China like many other times.

Since I started my career I have had a very close and very good relations with China. I have done a lot in China, both interviews, games, events and many matches with him. Barcelonawith the choice…

As I said in the press conference I did, I had a swelling in the adductor and unable to participate. In the first game, which is in Arabia, I felt that; In the second I tried to play for a while and this is it at worst. I tried, the day before and with the people in training, to practice and do a effort for everyone out there.

I I did my bestI was at the clinic with all the kids there and the truth is I couldn’t play because I felt discomfort and it is in danger of getting worse. The next day I felt a little better that’s why I played for a while in Japan to continue physically preparing myself for everything that will come my way today, because I have to play and catch rhythm again.

And no, I feel like I said it already, but I thought about it it is important to repeat this for all the talking. As always send you a great love for the people of China, that I always had and I still have and we will soon meet again. A big hug, take care.”

Source: La Verdad


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