The winner regained ground in Eibar


First Winner is starting to become important to Eibar. Chain 6 consecutive starts, all days of the second round. A fact that may not be remarkable, because he is a footballer with 82 official matches Athleticbut it only appeared 10 times in the first picture of the gun makers in the Second. One of the Rekalde recovering from the ground and accompanying the good dynamic of the troop of Joseba Etxeberria. 14 points from the last 18 in contention to place second, in direct promotion.

Despite being a clear request from the technician, Victor It became difficult for him to get a foothold in the engine room Praise. It gets worse as the weeks go by. Probably a matter of having confidence. He left the horizontal passes behind and now brings out more of the good footing he always has with his classic long, devastating moves. The center midfielder took advantage of the injury Sergio Alvarez to form in eleven matches careerpairing with Matheus Pereira, and the coach was convinced. He Eibar won 2-0 and Vencedor has been a constant in the lineup since then.

The formula worked and Etxeberria repeated with Victor and Matthew in Huesca (2-3) and in the visit of Miranda in Guipuzcoan lands (1-0). A nine out of every nine that is perfect, but on LaLiga Hypermotion It triggers you more because of the existing equality.

The plan needs to be tweaked Ferrol for the sanction of Matthew. By then he was back Sergio Alvarez and Victor He remained steadfast in the middle of the field. Bilbao native caught In Malata his best minute of the season, however the clash ended in a blur. He took the penalty, due to an accidental but clear handball, which allowed the Galicians to equalize in stoppage time (1-1). He could do nothing to avoid the maximum penalty, although he was not the first to take this course.

A bad taste in the mouth that did not prevent the development of Victor. He is part of the game in victory against Saragossa (1-0) and also at 0-0 last weekend at Elche (0-0). Etxeberria had to be pulled Sergio Alvarez as central to Martinez Valero because the script demands. One of the Rekalde left his place on the green Nolaskain in 60′. One of the Zumaia He quickened his pace, feeling like he was a footballer again after a long time off and without a spark of competition in his body.

In Eibar already Victor Two weeks of maximum demand is coming up for him to defend his direct promotion position. He spanishthird 2 points behind armeros, visiting on saturday Praise (6:30 p.m.). And the next day they visited the Leganesleader in Second with a 4 point advantage.

Source: La Verdad


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