The COE will choose between the Catalonia and Aragon projects if there is no agreement


An extraordinary meeting of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) will choose between the projects of Catalonia and Aragon for the 2030 Winter Games if finally the governments of both communities do not agree, although a joint project is the priority option where the organization will continue working, its president said on Tuesday, Alexander White.

The ordinary annual meeting of the COE unanimously approved to continue talks to develop a Pyrenean candidacy involving both Catalonia and Aragon. But he also agreed to present the project to the IOC in any case and, in case there are two separate proposals, one from each community, let the COE assembly vote on which one to proceed.

This Committee has already selected between Jaca and Granada a candidacy for the Winter Games and between Seville and Madrid for the summers.. But a choice between the two is the second option. Let’s go first, which is an agreement. I still believe in that, ”Blanco said after the meeting.

Source: La Verdad


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