The Volkswagen factory in Navarra will close from 6 to 10 June 2022 due to a lack of semiconductors


The Volkswagen factory in Navarra will close from 6 to 10 June 2022 due to a lack of semiconductors

The final decision, which will be confirmed on Thursday, is due to the lack of steering columns, prompted by the crisis of microchips from China.

Euskaraz irakurri: Erdieroaleen missing tarteko, baliteke Nafarroako Volkswagen datorren astean ixtea

the plant of volkswagen in Landaben (Pamplona) will close next week due to the lack of semiconductors, the works council confirms.

The management announced this decision on Tuesday during an emergency meeting of the Union Monitoring Committee. As they have pointed out, the shutdown is due to problems with the supply of semiconductors, especially those from China, whose ports have been blocked. This ensures that the plant “missing steering columns now to produce every day next week”.

Likewise, “critical” parts like the radio screen and airbag control module go through. This problem also affects the rest of the consortium’s brands, Volkswagen’s UGT has explained.

The final situation of the next week will be confirmed next Thursday, June 2, as well as the possible extraordinary needs that may exist.

If the 5 closing days are confirmed, the first will be an industrial day and the rest will be ERTE days, in accordance with the calendar agreement.

UGT claims to renew the current ERTE

At the same time, the final calendar for the month of July and the preliminary calendar for the month of August have been signed, both in accordance with the general calendar and with the changes taking place week after week, he added.

With regard to the recovery of the cars blocked by the fields, it has been reported that the software they need will be operational tomorrow, Wednesday, and will therefore be ready to restore them.

UGT has suggested that, “according to the situation”, “it would be necessary to consider the renewal of the current ERTE and that it expires on June 30, an issue that management has understood to be no problem”.

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