The referee sees that his physical integrity is in danger and suspends APA Poble Sec-Lloret (min. 18)


APA Poble Sec-Lloret 0-1 (susp.)

The match was suspended in the 18th minute, after Lloret’s goal. The referee, who had previously stopped the match in the 10th minute following the ‘Zero Insults’ protocol, said in the minutes: “In the 18th minute, the APA Poble Sec fans, called my assistant 2 on following terms ‘line “We will kill you, now you go to the trunk, by yourself, there is only one door, we are waiting for you at the exit.” After this, the referee requested the presence of the Mossos and because “it is impossible for them to remain in the facilities for the remainder of the match”, he decided “given the risk that exists in the conduct of our work, to suspend the match.”

APA Poble Sec: Medina; Tous, Carrillo, Ali, Guillem, Mikael, Nandor, Lozano, Víctor, Valry and Ignacio

Lloret: Moha; Mitrea, Álx, March, Eudald, Íker, Luckas, Campos, Vicent, Gerard and Achraf

Purpose: 0-1, Eudald (18′)

Referee: Tabares Ramírez. TA: All

Cornellà B-At. Segre 2-2

Cornellà B and At. Secret sign tables.

Cornellà B: Jordi; Biel (Jon), Guilelm, Royo, Juanda, Jonathan (Sergi), Izan (Faura), Víctor, Marc (Ian), Archs (Gasco) and Pol

In. Secret: Dídac; Bernat (Roger), Romaní, Jan, Samou, Izquierdo, Unai, Tago (Genís), Carmelo (Pau), Aleix (Roc) and Adri (Font)

The objectives: 0-1, Carmelo (1′); 1-1, Juanda (31′); 1-2, Left (50′); 2-2, Romaní, pp (56′)

Referee: Curiel Riera. TA: Font, Roger, Izquierdo

Olot-Gimnàstic Tarragona 2-3

Olot was left with ten and Nàstic returned

Olot: Floquet; Port, Marc (Senyer), Guillem (Biel), Moussa (Aniol), Bofill, Ibu (Birosta), Cortés, Puigbert, Aleix and Llach

Gymnastics Tarragona: Pieri; Oriol (Moreno), Jofre, Enric, Arnau (David), Agus, Aleix (Nacho), Pau, Rubén (Tura), Pachón (Ubai) and Jan

The objectives: 1-0, Ibu (4′); 2-0, Ibu (24′); 2-1, Pau, pen. (56′); 2-2, Agus (88′); 2-3, Ubai (89′)

Referee: Vicente Delmar. TA: Port, Cortés, Bofill (2, 82′), Floquet; Jan, Tura and Amos (bench)

Spanish B-Figueres 4-0

Espanyol B beat the lowest team.

Spanish B: Isaac; Kaua, Thomas Dean, Rachid (Rubén), Joel, Miguel, Oriol (Andrés), David (Mykola), Aarón (Salim), Ciuró and Partera (Ortega)

Figueres: Argelés; Jordi, Marc Emili, Vila, Luis, Redondo, Dani, Bota (Giralt), Feixas (Forés), Carreras and Muntal (Carmona)

The objectives: 1-0, Aaron (16′); 2-0, Midwife (38′); 3-0, Vila, pp (85′); 4-0, Ortega (89′)

Referee: Nuñez Ruiz. No card.

Europe-FEG 2-3

Fourth day without a win in Europe.

Europe: Hugo (Riaño); Climent (Aragall), Jan, Edo, Cuesta, Lasota, Camuñas (Gallardo), Bernabéu, Ibe, Jové (Rueda) and Malamine (Joao)

FEG: Mecca; Fernández, Padial (Valdepeñas), Añigas, Bouchane, Cortés (Tora), Kadochnikov, Alcaide (Paniagua), Raventós, Ruvira and Palou.

The objectives: 1-0, Malmine (3′); 1-1, Warden (44′); 1-2, Kadochnikov (60′); 2-2, Lasota (68′); 2-3, Ruvira (85′)

Referee: Montava Baqué. TA: Hugo, Climent, Camuñas; Cortés, Rodríguez (bench), Fernández

Sant Andreu-Damm B 0-1

Choi, in the final round, decided a contested match.

St. Andrew: Mikel; Pablo, Roca (Mamadou), Jan, Ramírez, Camp (Izan), Iván (Fran), Cortés, Idrissa, Íker (Sirin) and Héctor

Damm B: Antonio; Ollé, Reche, Elliot, Baixauli, Rius, Mujal (Choi), Pau (Rafa), Joan (Yeray), Nico (Quiles) and Barbero (Álex)

Purpose: 0-1, Choi (84′)

Referee: Pedrol Vozmediano. TA: Idrissa; Rius

Source: La Verdad


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