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Formentera: Johan Guzmán (3), De la Mata (3), Javi Rosa (4), Joan Marí (3), Kike Ferreres (3); Gorka Agirre (2) (Chus Ruiz, 3, min. 25), Gorka Marcos (3) (Adri, 1, min. 80); Montalbán (3), Iban Ribeiro (3), Josiño (3) (Sunday, 2, min. 46); Gorriz (4).

Manresa: Polished (2); Yay Sidibe (2) (Moya Djite, 2, min. 46), Llopis (2), Yeray (2), Álex Iglesias (2) (Pachón, 2, min. 46); De la Peña (2) (Alpha, 3, min. 46), Martí Soler (2); Omar (2) (Pol Ballesteros, 2, min. 67), Nil Garrido (2) (Baquero, 2, min. 67), Gilbert (2) and Javi López (2).

The objectives: 1-0, Gorriz (min. 2); 2-0, Gorriz from a penalty (min. 35); 3-0, Josiño (min. 45); 3-1, Alpha (min. 76).

Sant Francesc. About 600 spectators.

Muñoz Moreno. He advised Mena, De la Mata, Jesús Ruiz; Omar, Iglesias, Yaya, Yeray, Llopis and Javi López.

see the match sheet

Formentera breathed a sigh of relief and left Manresa overwhelmed by the direct rivalry for permanence played out in Pitiusas. In a match marked by strong winds, the local team overcame the Catalans in the first half to experience a little party, as it was also the day of the presentation of all the squads and the Sant Francesc Municipal was packed to the brim .

Formentera came out very strong and it wasn’t until the second minute that the first goal of the game arrived. Gorriz took advantage of a corner kick to spoil Manresa’s plan. With the strong wind blowing, the Pitiusos continued to pressure a visiting team that was unable to weather the storm.

Half an hour later, things got tougher for the locals. The referee signaled a penalty and Gorriz didn’t waste it. There was still time for Josiño to beat Pulido with a good Vaseline before the break. An almost perfect first half for Formentera who had only one setback, the injury to Gorka Agirre, who had to undergo tests on his knee.

In the second half, Manresa came out more focused. In fact, he got into the game with a shot that hit the woodwork. The local goalkeeper, Johan Guzmán, also had to work hard to prevent the Catalan goal. A goal that came with a quarter of an hour left in an action by Alpha Bagayoko.

alpha damage

After scoring the goal, Alpha left injured and had to be taken to the hospital in Formentera. Initial scans indicate he may have ruptured the Achilles tendon. The player was able to fly back and was admitted to Manresa to undergo the necessary tests and determine if he needs to undergo surgery.

La Penya Independent clings to the category

Penya Independent


La Nucia

Penya Independent: Dani Simon (3); Lucas González (4) (Vicent, 2, min. 81), Sebas (3) (Losada, 3, min. 71), Revuelta (3), Espinosa (3), Heredero (3) (Rulo Prieto, 3, min 71); Mena (2) (Verdú, 3, min. 61), Samu Pinto (3), Bautista (3); Isuardi (4) (Borja, 2, min. 61) and Piera (2).

La Nucia: Rodri Gea (2); Acosta (2) (Cris Martínez, 2, min. 60), Robles (2), Pajarero (2), Savall (2) (Rubén, 2, min. 66), Mario (2); Dasquet (2), Rodri Moleón (2) (David López, 2, min. 46), Monterde (2); Juan Delgado (2) and Mariano (2).

The objectives: 1-0, Isuardi (min. 29); 2-0, Lucas González (min. 80); 3-0, Rulo Prieto (min. 87).

Incidents: San Miguel. About 100 spectators.

Referee: Moreno Muñoz (2). He warned the locals Espinosa, Heredero and Revuelta and the visitor Pajarero (2, 71′)

see the match sheet

La Penya Independent wants to believe in miracles. The Ibizans, who have now gone four games without defeat, easily beat La Nucía, leaving them almost hopeless.

The match started with two teams who did not want to take any chances and direct play was the trend. As the minutes went by, the locals started to get more comfortable and the local goal came as a result. Isuardi took advantage of the extension with a throw-in to make it 1-0 at half-time.

In the second half, the local squad continued to dominate against a Nuciero team that lost to an ejection for Pajarero’s double card. In another player, Lucas González and Rulo Prieto made the second and third of two well-executed individual actions.

Source: La Verdad


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