Terrassa visited the best group of the island



At Flat 12.00

Andratx: Vicenç Sabater; Mati Fernández, ‘Pela’ Aveldaño, Kevin García, Pere Amer, Óscar; Gabriel Ramis, Javi Castedo, Bauzà, Miquel Jaume; In order. Replacements: Lluis (ps), Carosso, Monir, Garrido, Flaqué, Manresa and Ordinas.

terrace: Frames; Diego Garzón, Badal, Víctor Morales, Soares, Lucas Viña; Gil Muntadas, Casais, Jofre Cherta; Aythami and Jordi Cano. Replacements: Mújica (ps), Pau Salvans, Dani Cervera, Joel Toledo, Babanzila, Buenacasa and Jordi Palacios.

Referee: Victor Manuel Broncano Suarez. Com. Extremeño.

Andratx, the best team of all the islanders in the group, will face a Terrassa who are four points lower and have only lost a Catalan derby with Sant Andreu. José Contreras, coach of the Mallorcan team, has suspended Gerardo Bonet and is without Miquel Llabrés, Isma Estévez and Toni Perafort. The Egarenses were left without the help of the injured Jaguar and Neeskens, joined by midfielders Adrián Lledó and captain Álex Fernández.

Cerdanyola threatens the future with Hércules

Cerdanyola Vallès-Hércules

Municipal Les Fontetes 17.00

Cerdanyola Valles: Alex Sánchez; Manu, Manel, Bruno Lorente, Jon; Adam, Niko Kata; Moha, Max Marcelt, Carlos Martínez; Boris Garros. Replacements: Lluís Andreu (ps), Guille Torres, Iñaki, Joel Castillo, Lucas Pariente, Jan Pallisé and Nico Olmedo.

Hercules: Carlos Abad; Samu Vázquez, Nolan, Josema, Candelas; Retu; Roger Colomina, Mangada, Miguel Marí or Javi Moreno; De la Nava, Mendes and Nico Espinosa. Replacements: Cendón (ps), Retu, Coscia, Ketu, Diego and Alvarito.

Referee: Federico Javier Sáiz Villares. Balearic Committee.

After adding 6 points from the last 33 possible, Cerdanyola, with the loss of Ronald and Adri Díaz, risk their future in the category because, if they lose, they will be left behind. Hércules arrived with the intention of making up for what they had lost the previous day, despite the absence of the suspended Juanmi and the injured Artiles.

Sant Andreu, to successfully fix the promise

Sant Andreu-Alzira

Narcís Municipal Stadium Room 17.00

Saint Andrew: None; Méndez, Pelegrín, Sergio Castillo, Genís Blasco; Carlos Guzmán or Luis, Albertito or Íker García; Alexis, Pau Darbra, Sergi Serrano; Gerard Oliva. Replacements: Jaime (ps), Sergi Vives, Josu, Benítez, Íker Torres, Paredes and Romero.

Alzira: Alvaro Cortes; Abraham, Robert Costa, Bono, Marcos Bravo; Laurel, Edge; Dylan, Joaquín, Tòfol; Palacín. Replacements: Dolz; Solbes, Nacho Vila, Sala, Mángel, Gio Navarro and Sergio González

Referee: Borja Martínez Garcia. Committee of Rioja.

Sant Andreu, who have just lost to Terrassa at home, will want to get closer to a group of talented players to improve their fifth position. The four barrels were left without the help of Gorriti, Juanan Gallego and Ernest Forgas. Alzira, the only Valencian team not to postpone their match, will not be able to count on the injured Busquets.

Parakeets should have no problem with Peña

Spanish B-Peña Deportiva

Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque 12.00

Spanish B: Fortune; Marc Jurado, Catalá, Ángel Gómez, Roger Hinojo; Rafa Bauza, Roger Martínez; Javi Hernández, Gori, Kenneth Soler; Rivares. Replacements: Venteo (ps), Aleix Gorjón, Carvalho, Pecellin, Nene, Bashiru and Momoh or Gastón.

Sports Club: Edu Frias; Ámez, Torices, Gonzalo Pereira, Chica, Elorza; Toni Vicente, Lolo Garrido, Víctor Barroso; Salinas and Tovar. Replacements: Hartmann (ps), Moler, Prado, Torices, Vassilakis and Ángel.

Referee: Daniel Clemente Manrique. Tenerife Committee.

The Parakeet subsidiary, which is nine games without defeat, should not have problems with a Peña Deportiva that is very depleted of members, as it has coach Alberto Gallego and players Marc Fraile, Luis Madrigal and Mejía is suspended, while Fortes, Jordan and De la Cruz are injured. Espanyol B punished Pau Casadesús and injured Antoniu Roca, Alejandro Pérez, Joan Puig and Omar Sadik. Ian Forns left with the first team for Eibar. The doubt is Gastón Valles, depending on his participation or not in the first team.

Lleida, to show power in their territory

Lleida Esportiu-Badalona F.

Camp d’Esports 17.00

Lleida Sports: Iñaki; Cortijo, Campins, Néyder Lozano, Roger Figueras, Ton Ripoll; Quadri, Sergio Montero; Chuli, Becerra and Agüero. Replacements: Satoca (ps), Mousa, Robles, Jon Bakero, Òscar Rubio, Joao Vigário and Mateo.

Badalona F.:
Ortega Espínola, Pedraza, Lluís Recasens, Genar, Aleix Roig; Isaiah, Jaime Barrero; Zourdine, Chema Moreno and Jaume Pascual. Replacements: Jaume Durán (ps), Albert Torras, Xíker, Juan Cámara, Víctor Valverde, Peque Polo and Segura.

Referee: Javier Villaescusa Alarcón. Valencian Committee.

Under great expectations, Lleida wants to show its power in its Camp d’Esports, where only Hérculés and La Nucía have taken points in the current championship. The Ilerda coach, Ángel Viadero, recovered his defender in the defense, Néyder Lozano who served the suspension. The only casualty at the scene was the injured Javi Soto.

Source: La Verdad


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