Joan Mir assured that she will have news soon about her new contract


Mallorcan Joan Mir, MotoGP world champion in 2020, confirmed at Termas de Río Hondo that she hopes to “have news soon about the new contract. But there is no news yet, so far nothing, but I hope something will be said about it. to my future early. “

Mir, like most riders, was upset with the schedule change for the Argentine MotoGP Grand Prix due to air transport problems, and stressed that the situation changes significantly on a “normal” Grand Prix weekend. because “normally when you enter a grand prix you know that Friday is the day to try the bike and understand everything, then qualify on Saturday and then the races on Sunday”.

“In this case, the schemes are a bit changing and you have to focus, because the weekend isn’t over yet, it just starts a day later and that’s why I think you have to stay focused because another day of rest is not what.I would rather leave tomorrow and have a normal weekend, but it played out like this, these are situations we can’t control, so we have to live with them and the only thing that can be done we, as athletes and as pilots, will be what you need, ”said the 2020 MotoGP world champion.

Joan Mir criticized the situation in Indonesia with tires. “I’ve said it very clearly before,” he said, and said: “That casing is of no use to us. I’ve suffered a lot, I’ve been scared a lot.”

“I came from training in Qatar, from always being in the top three or five, to fighting to be in the top fifteen. There’s been a pretty big problem in terms of sensations and in terms of everything since we worked for two or three years with some tires, and then for that race there were tires that we didn’t test, ”Mir explains.

“I said I understand and I understand the situation why Michelin brought those tires, because they want to be careful, and after the tests they consider that the race is not going to end. I understand that situation. , the bad did it. we didn’t benefit while other bikes had benefited, but we didn’t, I suffered badly, “insisted the Suzuki rider.

“But we have to leave Indonesia behind, take the positives and that’s it. Let’s hope that these tires don’t carry, or if they carry we can work them and run the bike. If they carry, we need to time to understand them, so it would be good if we put them to the test “, Mir assured.

Source: La Verdad


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