Where’s the murder weapon? – Murder of School Principal: City Controls Key Contingent


The investigation into the case of the brutally stabbed school director Hans S. in Simmering continues at full speed – especially because many questions remain unanswered after the shocking bloody act. There are no traces of the murder weapon yet.

In other words, the perpetrator had apparently brought the murder knife to the crime scene that morning and taken it with him as he fled. Aside from the motive itself, however, the investigators are faced with another vital question: How could the killer ambush his victim undetected? And how did he get into the school building early in the morning?

After the bloody crime at the primary school, the police (confidential) asks for information on 01/31310-33110 or 01/31310-33111.

The city of Vienna is also concerned about security issues
The fact that non-residents have easy access to educational institutions is also an urgent security concern for the city of Vienna. According to this, the main contingent – who has how and where access – of the public schools would now be subject to an overhaul.

As reported, the school janitor’s autopsy found with stab and cut wounds has already been completed. “Death was caused by the stab wounds,” police spokeswoman Barbara Gass said on Thursday.

Source: Krone


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