The tactical movement in which Luis Enrique caught Imanol Alguacil by surprise


If he always stood for something Luis Enrique Because he is an interventionist coach. The Spaniard has shown it wherever he has been, from Rome to the National Team, and his stay in Paris Saint Germain It will not be less.

The French press spent all week speculating about her broken relationship with Kylian Mbappéwhich was more than he was used to replacing, and they even questioned whether he would start at Anoeta.

Not only did ‘Lucho’ do that, but he gave a twist to his usual system with two wingers and a forward, normally Mbappe. No doubt this surprised Imanol Alguacil, who should have expected that and to begin with, he saw how Dembele and boat They changed bands.

But there is more behind it. This is not a gesture in vain. He made a decision Luis Enrique defend with a line about 5 in the middle, with boat forward a bit, and close the ball to Dembélé in positions inside to find Mbappe in left profile, where he wants to fall, if necessary.

The former is true PSG He has shown some problems in an area where he is not used much. Sometimes it’s a rhombus, with Vitinha behind, and other times it’s a square with Fabián next to him. All to gain more control over the ball because, when it was lost, Dembélé took his place on the wing and Mbappé in the center of the attack.

The thing can be said to work. Ousmane, from an inside position, put the pass into space for Mbappé to score PSG’s first and break the net in the process.

Source: La Verdad


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