Barkala: “Marcelino is a very good option for the future”


Ricardo Barkala He was the first candidate to run for Athletic president since June 24, when the election was held in San Mamés. The president of the Port of Bilbao and captain of the Merchant Navy by profession went through the microphones of the program today ‘The Sports Movement’ ng Basque Wave. The name of the next manager of the first group is the main attraction of the electoral campaign. “We identified our first choice for coach and sports director,” he said.

Logically, he also refers Marcellin, the last tenant of the San Mamés bench to leave the club because he did not feel the confidence of the candidates. “I think he’s a great coach, he’s done things well and I think he’s a very good person. I will have very fond memories of him. Dates are what they are, a candidate cannot commit and tell him what he needs. I like this Marcellin. In the future, this is a very good option, in my opinion. I know the squad loves him ”, he added. “My responsibility is to look at the situation, look at the options for sports management and the bank that is in the market. It is my obligation”, he reasoned.

In these days before the campaign, two players came first, Julen Jon Guerrero Y ander’s cloak. Athletic’s mythical ‘8’ son plays for the Real Madrid youth team and the winger has shown his intention to continue and there may even be an agreement between the three presidential candidates to continue next season after absolutely no number for Marcellin in the former. Barkala He didn’t want to talk about proper names and therefore didn’t confirm this pitch: “We’re not going to go with the names. It seems bad to me to release those names for the club, to the fans and to players themselves. I don’t think it’s the most appropriate and we won’t do it “.

His dream is to win a major title that will allow him to relive the achievements of the eighties. “It was nice to go down the barge. This is what I like the most. There is a certain age group of fans who have to live this experience. We are different from other clubs in the world, it is a strength ”.

The economic section is another of the great workhorses of all the Ibaigane seat elections. Barkala praised the work done by the outgoing Board: “Aitor Elizegi he did very well. Like me in Port, it has had the misfortune of suffering a pandemic for two years, but things have already been done. If we win the final, we will talk differently. Athletic is doing well financially, it is healthy, has cash. The starting point isn’t bad, but if we pull the box it will run out. We have to provide a turning point, but we are better financially than other clubs ”.

Playing again in Europe is key to balancing the income statement. “The cost structure is the same regardless of the results of the sports. The solution is to have results, enter Europe to make a profit and also for self -respect, we need our young people to see the team play in old continent and win the title. We are working on another source of income, but if we don’t go to Europe we ended up with -15 ”, he explained.

The candidate also referred to Lezama: “For me, the people in the quarry are professionals like the top of a pine tree. It’s been 51 years, it’s been recognized around the world and first respect and recognition. It should be take steps to improve Lezama, but we will not enter a china shop like an elephant ”.

Barkala reiterated that a consensus candidate would be good, that he respects and supports the decision adopted by Elizegi of not having a CVC financing fund and the San Mamés having to be filled every day “who’s playing is playing”. The Portuguese player also considered it important to make sure the women’s group makes its own resources to be sustainable “for example by filling in Lezama every Sunday” and she finally offered her opinion on the option to use the global youth academy. “I respect the current sensitivity, respect and share the philosophy. If we leave the football field, we who have had the fortune to travel and see how the Basque and Athletic live will think about it, but now we are not there” , aniya sa Basque Wave.

Source: La Verdad


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