Jon Uriarte will soon be running for the presidency of Athletic


Jon Uriarte, who is seeking the presidency of Athletic, has chosen a spearhead in the initiative to make public the number of endorsements he collects before the deadline for presenting them at Ibaigane Palace ends this Saturday in 24 hours . Izan Athletic candidacy published its first record with signatures collected on its Twitter account on Tuesday night and updated it yesterday on its website. The initial value was 1,423 at 11pm on Tuesday and yesterday, at 11:45 pm, it rose to 1,997. The Biscayan businessman, therefore, achieved 574 guarantees in a short time.

The minimum number required is 2,016 (5% of the social mass), but it is advisable to exceed this number because the Board of Elections later cancels the ballots due to duplicities or incorrect data. Here, overcoming this hurdle depends on pre-candidates gaining the status of official candidates for the elections to be held on June 24 in San Mamés for the first time in history. The final verdict will be announced on June 9.

All indications are that both Jon Uriarte himself and Iñaki Arechabaleta and Ricardo Barkala, the other two presidential candidates, will go beyond this figure to fight three ways to become Athletic’s next president over the next four years, number 33 in the history of the Athletic Bilbao club.

Source: La Verdad


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