2-3: The Spanish team scores two early goals and loses to Brazil


The Spanish women’s futsal team, three-time European champion, lost to Brazil, the best team in America, 2-3 on the first day of the quadrangular tournament in Fafe (Portugal), in a match where they scored the two goals they conceded in the first eight minutes.

Claudia Pons, Spain’s coach took advantage of the first match to make a lot of rotations and field 14 of the 16 players called up and make his debut in 19-year-old Laia Rojo.

Spain overcame 0-2 scores from Ana Luiza and Emily, and in the 10th minute of the first period they scored through Laura Fernández after a miss by goalkeeper Bianca.

In the second period the same situation was repeated and Amandinha made it 1-3 in the 25th minute in a good game, but the Spanish reaction came after 60 seconds with a goal from Irene Córdoba after the action of Irene Samper .

Spain, despite the defeat, offered a good image in a test against one of its possible rivals in the first women’s futsal World Cup set for 2025, although it failed to define its reaction in the final minutes with the departure of Ale de la Paz as a goalkeeper-player and there is a clear opportunity for Luci.

The Brazilians’ three goals were scored by players playing in the Spanish First Division and were signed by Ana Luiza (Torreblanca de Melilla), Emily (Pescados Rubén de Burela) and Amandinha (Torreblanca).

In other matches of the tournament, Portugal, Spain’s rival this Sunday (9:00 pm), defeated Japan (5-0).

– Data sheets:

2. Spain: Silvia, Ale de la Paz, Antía, Irene Samper and Irene Córdoba -starting five-, Laura Fernández, Anita, Vane Sotelo, Laura Córdoba, Laia Rojo, Luci, María Sanz, Melli and Laura Uña.

3. Brazil: Bianca Moraes, Taty, Emily, Amandinha and Ana Luiza-beginning five, Tampa, Camila Costa, Jessika, Luana Moura, Michi and Lucieia,

Referees: Felipe Duarte and Miguel Castilho. Portuguese school. They warned the Spanish Antína (min.18) and Laura Córdoba (min.30) and the Brazilian Lucieia (min.30).

The objectives. 0-1. Min 3. Ana Luiza. 0-2. Min 8. Emily. 1-2. Mr. 10. Laura Fernández. 1-3. min. 25 Amandinha. 23. Min. 26. Irene Córdoba.

Happenings. The second game of the first day of the Fafe quadrangular (Portugal) was played in the multipurpose pavilion of this town with about 600 fans in the stands, among them a group of Spaniards with flags.

Source: La Verdad


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