San Mauro beats Artesa Artesa de Segre and remains first


San Mauro beats Artesa Artesa de Segre and remains first

San Mauro-Artesa-Segre 4-0

San Mauro defeated Artesa de Segre decisively thanks to an offensive storm. One of the keys is the pressure in the beginning. Jon lobo scored the first goal by connecting well in the low center. The hosts increased the difference with a goal from Arnau Puentes, who took advantage of the rebound of a lateral delivery to score at will. The top scorer of the category (14 goals) Éric Compte scored another goal, ending a quick attack. With an overturned Artesa de Segre, Dani Vargas pointed after a quick move.

Saint Maurus: Caleb; Javi García, Mase (Adrià Caballé, 61′), Hicham, Jon Lobo; Franco Nántez (Izan, 82′), Sergi, Arnau Puentes (Marc Andreu, 72′); Otger (David, 61′), Éric Copo (Dani Vargas, 61′) and Jordi Aribau.

By Segre: Alejo; Egea, Adrià García (Édgar, 78′), Cesc, Coll; Riera (Nico, 46′), Arnau Jou (Jacob, 88′), Bass (Sirera, 57′); Adrià Roqué, Guido and Peke (Julià Jou, 57′).

The objectives: 1-0, Jon Lobo (21′); 2-0, Arnau Puentes (38′); 3-0, Eric Copo (54′); 4-0, Dani Vargas (90′).

Referee: Pérez Sánchez, good. TA: Bass, Egea, Arnau Jou, Nil Baró ent.).

Jupiter-Llefià 0-1

Llefià achieved an important victory against Júpiter to leave the bottom three places in the table. Jorge González successfully headed a good cross from Marc Jiménez, who received the ball after some brilliant play by young Aieman.

Jupiter: Xavi Betrán; Bassols, Íker, Cristian (Plaza, 72′), Patrick; Isma (David Leira, 46′), Barón, Aleix (Óscar, 46′); Llur (Ao, 72′), Monsó and Cañete.

Llefià: Henry; Javi Guerrero, Éric, Monty, Albert; Marc Jiménez, Saliou (Aieman, 90′), Pol Juárez (Mario, 83′), Duarte; Langarita (Jorge González, 67′) and Vilar (Ramón, 72′).

Purpose: 0-1, Jorge González (90′).

Referee: Boronat Llano, good. TA: Éric, Javi Guerrero, Jorge González (90′).

Tàrrega-Alguaire 0-1

Alguaire added three points at home. Tàrrega once again showed themselves to be ineffective in front of goal and the visitor’s winning goal came on a quick counter-attack that Marc Salvià finished with delight in a one-on-one. Alguaire remains at the bottom and Tàrrega is second last.

Tarrega: Joaquin; Juanca, Luciano, Bubli (Óscar Julián, 38′), Ilyass (Ibrahim, 54′); Belek (Yeray, 54′), Dani Pujol (Marcos Antonio, 84′), Samba; Lluc, Juanjo and Vinicius (Verdés, 64′).

Alguaire: Ricart; Josep, Pau Ros, Tiers (Fraile, 73′), Colo (Pulido, 54′); Álex (Adrià Salvia, 88′), Fofana (Marc Salvia, 84′), Hamza (David, 84′); Garrié, Quim and Toni.

Purpose: 0-1, Marc Salvia (87′).

Referee: Mestrich Palau, good. TA: Óscar Julián; Josep (2, 90′), Marc Salvia (2, 90′).

Artesa Lleida-Turó Peira 0-1

Turó de la Peira achieved a convincing victory in one of the group’s most demanding visits. Bacari received the ball in space and fed it to Choi, who made no mistake in the one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The second half of the match saw little offensive activity from both teams.

Artesa Lleida: candle; Mòdol (Cata, 60′), Grau, Pagu (Manel, 80′), Gerard Tió (Joel, 76′); Sergi Reluy (Dani Ibars, 76′), Pol Simó, Ramos (Markel, 60′), Rubió; Hortal and Yilson.

Turó Peira: Ivan; Adrián López, Fedele, Assane, Josué; Toni (Junyoung Na, 80′), Bacari (José Ocampo, 76′), Ryu (Mayer, 76′); Marcos (Kevin, 90′), Choi and Xavi Ramírez.

Purpose: 0-1, Choi (24′).

Referee: Nageli Juan, good. TA: Sergi Reluy, Sergi Reig (ent.), Gerard Tió, Pau, Yilson; Xavi Ramírez, Fedele, José Ocampo.

Martinenc-Joanenc 2-1

The game started with a free kick from Pitu Plazuelo, who was sent off for a double yellow in the 44th minute. Joanenc reacted to a goal from Isaac who finished off a lateral delivery. A good combination between Édgar and Sosa ended with a cross to Dani Suárez, who found the goal. Martinenc is second with 48 points and one point below San Mauro.

Martinenc: Tony; Saro, Sosa, Fabregat, Dani Suárez (Roc, 79′); Édgar (Gerard Martínez, 86′), Max, Torres; Pitu Plazuelo, Sergio (Dani Maldonado, 62′), and Garriga (Garriga, 70′).

Joanenc: Dani Baquera; Munera (Dani Galván. 46′), Jaume, Carles Serra, Roger (Marc Sala, 58′); Jordi (Bravo, 58′), Isaac (Prieto, 77′), Íker Ariza; Éric López, Buba and Arnau (Ricardo Sánchez (70′).

The objectives: 1-0, Pitu Plazuelo (4′); 1-1, Isaac (34′); 2-1, Dani Suarez (40′). Referee: Carrasco Baca, regular. TA: Torres, Pitu Plazuelo (2, 44′); Garriga, Sergio, Saro, Max; Buba.

Source: La Verdad


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