Vilanova achieved its fifteenth victory of the season


Vilanova Geltrú-Ascó 1-0

Vilanova achieved victory in a match of the highest tension in which little was done. Naoufal led a dizzying counterattack and assisted Uri Codina, who pushed the ball into the net. Locals remain leaders and maintain a profit of 5 points.

Vilanova Geltrú: Albert; Saldaña (Peque, 63′), Peña, Matty (Marc Prat, 90′), Naoufal (Pozzo, 63′); Pedrol (Barrios, 81′), Dai, Uri Codina; Ian (Pulga, 75′), Óscar and Niklas.

Abomination: Diego; Éric, Guillem, Cubells, Roca; Marc Blanch (Hamir, 81′), Franco Magno, Marcel; Modest, Yeray (Sergio, 85′) and Humbert.

Purpose: 1-0, Uri Codina (62′).

Referee: Pardo So, good. TA: No, Oscar; Yeray, Roca, Hamir.

Sarrià-Canonja 0-2

La Canonja took three points against bottom team Sarrià. Dani Maireles opened the scoring on the second play from a corner. The penalty came in extra time and it was the work of Marc Benito, who took advantage of the loss with the exit of the local goalkeeper. The visitors reached 28 points and placed ninth in the standings.

Sarah: Alex; Viñas (Xavi Falcón, 77′), Martí, Parra, Laca (Gutiérrez, 46′); Olaechea, Joel, Edu (Roca, 46′), Borràs; Ignasi and Michu (Gino, 54′) Pau Falgueras, 77′).

Canon: Amaro; Miranda, Alejandro, Joaquín, Dani Maireles (Jordi Rubio, 62′); Cristian, Ortal, Uri Marín (Marc Benito, 54′); Joel (Aaron José, 82′), Adrià Suárez (Aitor, 77′) and Llorenç.

The objectives: 0-1, Dani Maireles (57′); 0-2, Marc Benito (90′).

Referee: Porxas Herrera; Laca, Michu; Miranda, Jordi Rubio, Llorenç, Ortal.

El Catllar-Sant Ildefons 1-1

Íker Cid put Catllar in front in a locked game with an outside shot that got through the middle. Sant Ildefons leveled the contest in the last breath from eleven meters. The point achieved by the hosts against the third in the table could be the key to the end of the season.

The Catllar: Gonzo Garcia; Marc Tarragón, Pau (Íker Cid, 46′), Arnau Ollé (Sergio, 90′), Juan; Erik Barroso (Arnau Ramírez, 69′), Rull, Javi Fañanas; Vadillo, Aleix (Kako, 60′) and Guillem Martínez (Raúl, 86′).

Saint Ildefonso: Arnau; Paco López, David, Toni, Aitor; Joan Valls (Aleix Díaz, 69′), Sergi Cardona (Yeray, 69′), Serrano (Ceprián, 78′); Sergio Vacas, Giancarlo (Pablo, 69′) and Pol Melero (Marc Gris, 61′).

The objectives: 1-0, Iker Cid (71′); 1-1, Aleix Díaz, pen. (90′).

Referee: Boleda Franco, good. TA: Marc Tarragón (2, 90′), Arnau Ramírez, Íker Cid; Pol Melero, Valls, Toni.

Source: La Verdad


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