The Volta a Catalunya, live | Stage 6: Berga – Queralt with a tough climb to the Coll de Pradell


-31.1 KM He puts the UAE team at work and, attention, Movistar came to the fore, with Sosa working for Enric Mas

-33KM The two main groups merge and approach the penultimate climb of the day, which also brings them: Collada de Sant Isidre (5 km at 8.6%, with ramps of up to 15%)
-34.5 KM They have dropped almost the whole thing Coll de Pradell and the second group, where they are Cuss and Poles is about to link to the first of the 12 units, where they are Pogacar, Landa and Others
-41.3 KM The group approached Sepp Kuss that of the leader and the chosen one, they only have 41 seconds
-47 KM Behind the 12 selected three of the cyclists from Team Visma-Bike LeaseThe group of Cusswhen the top cyclists have left the town of Maçaners
-49.3 KM The top 12 cyclists have a 1’12” margin over the chasers, which is Kuss and Poels
-51.7 They have finished this first part of the descent and the 12 cyclists in the lead are heading to the town of Saleat the foot of Pedraforcaone of the symbols of Catalonia

-55.5KM Let’s remember that there are still many stages left, now the 12 cyclists leading the stage are heading to Collada de Sant Isidre (1st)
THE DATA: At the head of the race there are three cyclists from Movistar and three of U.A.E. Drama in Vismawhich lost the best units
-59.8 KM They have crowned Coll de Pradell and be careful going down, delicate!!! There are only 12 cyclists left in the lead of the race, heading to Saleat the foot of the colossus Pedraforca. Near Parc de la Palomera, formerly Pleta de la Vila
-60KM It is his own Tadej Pogacar the leader of the race, only six or seven cyclists lead, including ‘Pogi’, Mikel Landa and Enric Mas
-61.3 KM How do the legs hurt- Great work by Marc Soler for Tadej Pogacarwith the Mikel Landa attached to his wheel and Enric Mas very helpful. There is 1.3 km of climbing left
-61.6 KM 1.9 kilometers left to climb, Cuss He stayed and the hardest part came. Many fans cheered on the runners
THIS IS THE WALL of the Coll de Pradell that does not forgive

-62.6 KM Kuss demands a faster speed on the climb, UAE helpful. As the legs hurt, cyclists suffer a lot at this point in the test
-63.7 KM Seen and unseen the fame of Esteban Chavesremains the most difficult 4 kilometers of Coll de Pradell. Pay attention to the 24% wall that awaits you. The UAE has now taken control of the race
-64.7 KM Does it move? Esteban Chaves!!! The race is getting tense, they let him last a few meters and let’s remember that the hardest part of Coll de Pradell is yet to come. There are 4.8 kilometers left to climb
ATTENTION that the platoon had entered Vallcebre and soon the drums of war will begin to sound in the platoon
-66 KM There are 6.4 kilometers left to climb Coll de Pradell, The hardest part remains and the nervousness is palpable in the peloton
-68.5 KM Corridors appear ONE-X to the platoon leader and Welsh Geraint Thomas and Ineos They also place themselves at the front of the platoon
-70 KM Sepp Kuss, with a cycling club created right in Berga, capital of the Berguedà region where this test took place, asked its team to speed up. behind them, UAE Team Emirates to block and Mikel Landa2nd overall after Tadej Pogacar, very helpful
-72.3 KM There are 12.6 kilometers left and Carthy was swallowed up by the peloton, which climbed at full speed, towards Vallcebre
THIS IS THE PORT PROFILEthe platoon is on its way to Vallcebrea mining town where the hardest part of the harbor begins, towards The Palomera until you reach Saleat the foot of the colossus ofl Pedraforca
THIS IS THE HARDEST PART of the port, with ramps of up to 24%, as seen in the image. Undress Team Visma-Bike Lease at the head of the race

CAREER STATUS – There are 75.6 kilometers left and those who escaped, Mollema and Carthy, they only have 21 seconds on top of the peloton, which is very bad at this point. Approaching the Coll de Pradell, the dreaded wall of the sun, with a maximum ramp of 24%
THE PAST – Highest expectations on today’s queen stage of the Volta a Catalunya: “The climb to the Coll de Pradell is deadly”
GOOD AFTERNOON AND WELCOME to the live narration of the queen stage of the 103rd edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya; a day that all fans look forward to, which will begin with Berga and ends at Santuari de Queralt, 154.7km, with over 4,000 meters of elevation gain

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Source: La Verdad


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