Gumbau explodes: ”We have to fight for this shield”


Granada’s situation is desperate. The team has a foot and a half in LaLiga Hypermotion after losing (1-0) to Cádiz, in the final shot to save the category.

Gerard Gumbau, who entered the second half and was the best outfield player for Sandoval’s team, making his debut on the bench, exploded at the end of the duel.

”We know where we’re going. We were touched. We know there is little left and we have come a long way but we have to show pride because we are professional footballers for a reason. We have to fight for this shield”he assured.

”We can’t think about anything but the next game. We have to defend this shield. First, it is demanded of you and we have to rise from it no matter what. It’s an important match’‘ he continued.

We are trying to change the dynamic. Fresh air, fresh thinking and that’s what we do. There is not much time left and what we have to gain is our character and our pride so that the season does not end like this”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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