Cheik Sarr: “If all black players were like Vini, racism would end”


Racism is back in the news Spain after the episode he experienced Sestao last Saturday Cheikh Sarrthe goalkeeper of Rayo Majadahonda. The Senegalese goalkeeper suffered serious racist insults from a group of fans behind his goal and jumped into the stands to insult them, leading to his dismissal. The match was temporarily suspended and his teammates refused to return to the field.

Cheikh Sarr explained his experience in an interview with Cope’s Partidazo. “It was terrible and I couldn’t handle it. I’ve never experienced anything like that in football,” said the Senegalese. “From the 60th minute they started making strange noises, like monkeys. I didn’t turn around, I tried to ignore it, but when I went to drink water they came, approached me and told me, fucking black, run, you fucking nugger.”I can’t take it anymore,” he detailed.

“I want to hold him by the scarf to ask him, ‘why are you insulting me?’ You can still understand it from a young person, but from someone in their 50s…”, explained Cheikh Sarr, who was also praised. to Vinicius, victim of various racist episodes in Spain. The Brazilian has asked on several occasions for prison sentences and for measures to be taken against racists.

“I am in death with Vinicius. He has experienced it many times and I always support him. It is not normal. Enough with racism because it has no place in sport, it has no meaning. I am very proud. of Vinicius, of his way of acting, of showing up. We thank him for supporting us and fighting racism. He can’t do it alone. If all players of color were like him, racism would end ,” he declared.

Source: La Verdad


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