Pello Bilbao: “The fall has to reflect on our cyclists”


The Biscayan Pello Bilbao (Bahrain Victorious), spoke about the danger posed by the stretch of road where the accident occurred Montonera in the fourth stage of Itzuliaand finished with several runners injured, the most injured of all the Danes and main favorite Jonas Vingegaard.

“Falling should make us cyclists ourselves reflect, that we are the ones who create the danger. All the leaders with all their teammates are not ahead and we have to rethink the way we compete,” said Gernikarra.

The leader of Bahrain commented that “I know the descent and I know that the curve is something to consider, the asphalt is irregular because of the roots of the trees, but even so I think we entered quickly .”

“I’m behind, and I’m keeping my distance, taking precautions. This accident leaves you in a bad situation. The most appropriate thing is for the 6 escapees to compete on the stage to bring the reward back to the town of the finish line.because they had hopes of seeing Itzulia at Legutio”.

“Shameful, No one wants a show like this to be lackluster. The place where they fell looks bad. Itzulia seems to be calmer than usual, less dangerous, we always go on narrower roads, and this year seems to be easier in that sense…but it happened,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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