5-4: Goal festival between Banyoles and Begur


Banyoles-Begur 5-4

Festival of goals started with Roca’s header. Baba then steals the leather, leaves a defender and shoots a cross, beating Toni. Two minutes later, Cat worked the ball over the post to make it three to nil after high pressure. The score was shortened by a shot by Prenafeta that was deflected by the defense in the 25th minute. At the end of half-time, Ignasi scored thanks to Dembo’s pass. In the beginning, Begur did not lose hope. He scored his second goal thanks to Abdoul’s trickery to take advantage of a defensive error. Moments later, Roca scored his double and the home team’s fifth by slotting the ball into the top corner. The third visitor came after a local defensive failure, while the fourth was scored by Abdoul, with his head.

banyoles: Martí; Vilanova, Rusu, Ignasi, Cat; Stone, Congost, Sala; Baba, Dembo, Nierga

Nope: Toni; Sabater, Kai, Palacios, Cruz; Prenafeta, Bosch, Munivez; Cabrera, Abdoul, Cantero

The objectives: 1-0, Bato (15′); 2-0, Baba (19′); 3-0, Cats (21′); 3-1, Prenafeta (25′); 4-1, Ignasi (43′); 4-2, Abdul (55′); 5-2, Rock (58′); 5-3, Palacios (62′); 5-4, Abdul (81′)

Referee: Murillo Fiol, good. TA: Cat, Mom; Sabater, Cruz, Bosch, Ramírez

Mollet-Caldes Montbui 2-1

After an even first half, the match was resolved in the second period. Varese put Carricondo’s team ahead in the second game after a corner. Ian extended income due to high blood pressure. Aznar closed the gap with a precise strike that caught Sito and the defense behind, ten minutes from time.

mollet: Place; Contreras (Éder, 37′), Castellvell, Giménez, Rueda (Balagué, 57′); Diego Guillén, Abel Fábregas (Ian, 72′), Castro (Carmona, 57′), Varese; Carrillo (Burama, 46′), Garcia

Caldes: Juanmi; Roca, Torres (Tápias, 46′), Mata; Guiteras, Pesky, Estrada (Dil, 70′), Gerard (Rubio, 47′), Younoussa; Ramoneda (Aznar, 50′), Anglet (Ambrosio, 70′)

The objectives: 1-0, Varese (71′); 2-0, Ian (79′); 2-1, Aznar (82′)

Referee: Davesa Pérez, regular. TA: Giménez, Balagué, Sito; Torres, Pesky, Estrada, Dil

Mataró-Argentona 0-2

Velázquez made the first blow of the afternoon, which settled inside the area. Argentona played their cards well and found luck in Bargallo’s own goal, deflecting the ball wide.

Mataró: Roura; Mola, Dambo (Torreblanca, 78′), Dauda, ​​​​​​​​​Kevin; Lluis Bargallo, Sergio González, Campana (Kilian, 58′); Tolosa, Batista, Adel (Pirez, 68′)

Argentina: Guillamat; Conesa, Prieto, Velasco (Olmeda, 64′), Velázquez (Andrés González, 46′); Groult, Sergi Sánchez (Hernández, 71′), Víctor; Badre (Pacheco, 79′), David, Álvaro Yustos (Fortí, 79′)

The objectives: 0-1, Velázquez (19′); 0-2, Bargallo, pp. (84′)

Referee: Nägeli Juan, regular. TA: Mario, Ferrarezi, Bargallo, Sergio González; Sergi Sánchez, Aitor, David

Manlleu-Tossa 2-2

Ball into the area in the third minute that Narcís caught to put Tossa ahead on the scoreboard. After the restart, Lluís put his foot to a messy play in the area to equalise. In a moment, Narcís himself again lost his balance in a swift move. In the twilight of the crash, Rossell’s powerful pitch came in.

Manlleu: Ivan González; Puntí, Aguilar, Aitor (Darnés, 76′); Lluís Martínez (Omar, 65′), Rovira (Rafel, 46′), Monje (Barniol, 81′), Rossell, Mkais (Adu, 58′); Martí Soler, Quadri

Toss: Asparó; Fernández, Lamini (Souley, 58′), Iván Rodríguez, Massó; Romero, Juan Monclusí (Teixidó, 86′), Narcís (Alejandro Fernández, 86′); Josué, Max (Marco, 71′), Gordils

The objectives: 0-1, Narcís (3′); 1-1, Lluís Martínez (57′); 1-2, Narcís (62′); 2-2, Rosell (81′)

Referee: Boronat Llano, bad. TA: Aguilar; Lamini (2, 67′), Massó

Source: La Verdad


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