Alcaraz revealed how the injury: “At the moment I don’t have a clear Madrid”


Carlos Alcaraz He appeared in RCT Barcelona-1899, which was his club during his childhood and adolescence. He arrived early in the morning. He ate in the players’ area, talked about his departure with members of the team’s organization Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell-Godó trophy and face the media. A four-minute monologue from the Murcian, 22 years old and world No. 3, without the possibility of questions.

“As you already know, I will not be able to play here in Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​but I want to go, I want to explain it in my own words here personally, because this is a club where I lived a large part of my life, I want to tell you about my current situation,” commented the two-time tournament champion.

On Saturday he entered the draw, on Sunday he withdrew after not experiencing good sensation in his forearm, which means that the problem started with the pronator teres of his right arm.

He explained the reason for the transition from Saturday’s optimism to Sunday’s farewell. “On Saturday morning I had a test that gave some pretty positive images, which gave me hope to see if I can play in this tournament. But Sunday for us is the litmus test. This is the first day that I hit the forehand after my training in Monte Carlo and it wasn’t what we expected,” he explained.

He noted that “I noticed it again and every time I increased the intensity of the right, I noticed more and more discomfort. It was a difficult decision.”

He remembers that it all started in the first training session on Monte Carlo, when working. “At that moment I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, but with my team, with the physio, we are treating him as much as possible, doing the necessary tests to see what he has there and to see if he will be able to play there in Monte Carlo, which I couldn’t do because of deadlines.”

The medical examination does not show a significant injury, “the images are good, but my feeling is not right.”

Having not met the deadlines given to him, he is cautious about his presence at the Mutua Madrid Open, where he will debut in a dozen days. “Now I have a little more margin. My goal is to try to go to Madrid, but at the moment I am not clear, because they told me some deadlines, which I met well and the feelings are not good. . I do not care.

I want to reappear Madrid, start the European clay court tour there: “We will do everything we can to try to improve those sensations, that those sensations are the right ones to play one hundred percent of the tennis match.”

Source: La Verdad


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