“Let’s not forget that Alonso is thinking of retiring, his renewal gives credit to our project”


Fernando Alonso has decided to renew with Aston Martin Just a few more seasons and he will join the Silverstone team in a major change of regulations in 2026. This multi-year agreement is good news for the British team and Pedro Martínez De la Rosateam ambassador, showed his happiness on the official F1 podcast.

“I am very happy with Alonso’s renewal. It is great for Formula 1. Let’s not forget that Fernando is thinking of retiring. The first thing we must say is that it is great for Formula 1, for the fans. Fernando wants to stay, he wants to continue in Formula 1, and not just for one year. “I think it’s the other headline.”

“Fernando could have looked for other options, but he decided to stay with us. I think it also gives credit to our whole project. It gives a lot of credit to the whole project, our new wind tunnel, new campus, new simulator, everything. People may not know this, but it just happens. “Fernando knows this, he knows things about this project.”

“We don’t care about age”

Alonso is in Formula 1 until 2026 indicates that the Asturian will compete at the highest level until he is 45 years old. The Spaniard assessed whether or not it was worth continuing in F1 with all the sacrifices it implies. He finally decided to move on and had an extensive contract, something Aston Martin was not afraid of

“It shows a great commitment on the part of Fernando at his age, but let’s not forget that This is also a great commitment on the part of Aston Martin, in the spirit in which he promises a 42-year-old pilot. But actually, we don’t care about age, We only care about performance. “You could argue he’s in his prime at his age.”

Eyes on 2026

De la Rosa is aware that there will not be many changes in 2025. The teams will now focus on the regulation change in 2026 to welcome a new era with the perfect design to mark an era. And there are the Aston Martin spotlights.

“Things will not change much in 2025, apart from the fact that Lewis Hamilton will go to Ferrari, as we all know. For 2026, things may change. Especially because There are big changes in the car and engine regulations, Honda will come to Aston Martin and we will see what happens“, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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