Vortex in Salzburg – macabre corpse transport divides opinions


According to the ‘Krone’ report, the funeral orator defends the actions of the funeral directors and the ex-corpse driver focuses on home management after the coffin was transported through the dining room of a retirement home in Salzburg.

Death has been a deeply rooted subject in Salzburg society since the world-famous ‘Everyman’. Nevertheless, the current debate about a macabre corpse transport on Easter Monday is heating people’s minds. As the “Krone” reported, the body of a deceased person was carried past a crowded lunch table at a local retirement home on April 1. To the horror of an eyewitness.

While the house manager shifts the responsibility to the funeral directors, a former mortuary driver speaks bluntly: “I worked at the municipal funeral service for 25 years, this had not happened in my time. The house management should have taken care of that,” says Alois Rachbauer.

Funeral speaker: “It would be less respectful to be taken away without a coffin”
The responsible funeral speaker Toni Elsenhuber would like to see more openness: “I would like to defend the funeral homes, the procedure was completely fine. It would have been less respectful to have been taken away without a coffin or even through the cellar.’ By the way, the dead man in the coffin itself was recently buried.

Source: Krone


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