Win Roland Garros or Olympic gold at Roland Garros? It chose Alcaraz in 2024


Carlos Alcaraz He became the youngest world No. 1 in history when he wins his first title in 2022. grand slam within US Open. He is only 19 years old and this is confirmation that another racket phenomenon is loose in the world of tennis.

Last year he was also crowned in the ‘cathedral, in Wimbledonthe second step towards another bigger goal for which the Murcian is fully qualified due to his complete and exceptional tennis arsenal: win the ‘big four’ one day or another.

After falling in January in the quarterfinals of Australian Open, Roland Garros is the next station grand slamfrom May 26 to June 9, the culmination of a European tour on dirt where Carlos started off on the wrong foot due to an arm injury that forced him to give up Monte Carlo and the Godó Trophy.

Roland Garros will have a double role this year because the Olympic tournament will be held there. Games in Parisanother quote underlined in red by all the players because Olympic gold at Roland Garros takes on an even more unique glow.

Having to choose between winning this year’s Roland Garros Grand Slam or Olympic gold at Roland Garros, Alcaraz hardly hesitated when giving his answer. “It’s complicated, but personally I’ll keep the Olympic gold. The Games are every four years and not every year and bringing a medal and gold to your country is one of the greatest things there is, so I’ll stick to the gold,” explained the Spanish tennis player, 20 years old and currently world number 3.

Carlos made these remarks at an event in Barcelona for one of his sponsors, ISLANDwhich presented a new product created with the tennis player’s own collaboration, Fusion Water Magic by Alcaraz, an innovative photoprotector, especially for sports, which will be sold in more than 50 countries.

The Murcian reiterated his desire to form a doubles pair Rafael Nadal at the Paris Games and to face him again in an official match. “Of course. I am happy to see Rafa on the court again because he has fought all these months to be able to enjoy the competition. I am very happy about it and I hope I can play against him again,” Carlos noted.

“Rafa is my idol, he became my idol, and it is always a pleasure to compete against him, which means you have fulfilled your dream. All your life you fight to get that moment, to play with your idol, so it’s a dream to play with him at the Paris Games. Rafa is a reference for the whole world, he won Olympic singles and doubles medals, so to be able to play my first Games with him and to learn from him and all those experiences will be amazing. There are still a few months left, but hopefully both of us will be 100% and we can play doubles,” said the tennis player. El Palmar.

All in all, Alcaraz wants to forge his own path aside from comparisons to Nadal. “We try not to give importance to it and not to focus on people who say that I am the new Nadal or that I have to follow the same path as him. Comparing Rafa, one of the best tennis players and athletes in history, is means you do things will be fine on that side I pay attention to trying to follow the path we are on and do the right things, but for everything else we try not to push ourselves to try to do things that Rafa has done and won both titles. It is almost impossible or almost impossible to beat the records broken by Rafa. I hope I can do it, but right now it’s not what we’re thinking“, reflects the Murcian.

Despite bagging Olympic gold before this year’s Roland Garros title, Alcaraz also has a single Grand Slam on clay on his immediate horizon. “Roland Garros is one of the tournaments I’m most excited to win. This is one of the goals of the year, but there are still tournaments ahead and I will try to pick up the pace and be as good as possible in that Grand Slam. I hope I can put my name on that trophy like other tennis players in Spain have done,” said Carlos, who is now focusing on his recovery with the aim of reappearing in Madrid Masters 1,000where he also won in the last two years, as in Godó.

It was a very hard blow to turn down Monte Carlo and GodóVery special tournaments for me, but this is our everyday life and we have to deal with it in the best way possible. I was angry that the people in Barcelona could not enjoy and not play in my country. You’ve been waiting all year to play these tournaments, where my friends and family could go, and you not being able to is what pissed me off the most. Today I am in a better spirit, focused on recovery to do everything we can to be ready as soon as possible, and the main thing is Madrid,” said Alcaraz.

Source: La Verdad


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