Infected with confusion outside the walls, Araujo He also threw stones at his bus. Blaugrana fatality. The thing about Atlético, on the other hand, is nonsense. Keeps more balls in the net than in the warehouse. After accepting the disappointment of some and the disaster of others, the Spanish representation in the Champions League is left in the hands of the savior of the homeland of football, who at the Etihad and against Manchester City, the current champion, will need a “Iron Dome” to continue the “road to London” adventure… And a Luna.

The route presented too many obstacles, especially when one took advantage. that goal Rodrygo (min 12) seems from a distant time from the moment City’s pace changed. He walked, lazing around and woke up when he felt a chili meringue play. In the first half Madrid still managed to improve the 0-1 lead; The second half is played according to the preference of the host, always the visiting team. All the time, sticky, exhausting siege, included Rodrigo imperial and DeBruynewhich is tied, very opportune.

Although Madrid have lost twice this season against Atlético, the difference between them is so great that the former is aiming for fifteenth, after winning in the MC method. This group of Guardiola, with so many talented footballers, that Real does not envy, it is a hammer. He attacks without stopping once he decides to occupy the opposite field. One team on the offensive, tired in attack, and another bottled up, tired in defense and lacking ideas and energy to find a way, but with endless faith. Hence the extra time, which the surviving Madrid reached, and the penalties. So Luna He became a hero. He arrested two, one from the Bernard Silva and that of Kovacicto erase the error of Modric. This is “aLuninzante”.

Source: La Verdad


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