Felipe VI’s fight in the rain at Cruyff Court with disabled children


Excitement best describes the look and expression of the children who received this Wednesday Philip VI from Spain and William Alexander from the Netherlands in a field Johan Cruyff Foundation in Amsterdam. Children with disabilities or from poor neighborhoods shared a ball and played with kings under the April rain.

The official agenda of the kings of Spain during their state visit to the Netherlands is full of activities of all kinds, from business to culture, but the visit of Philip VI and William Alexander still Cruyff Court Amsterdam is, perhaps, the most visible and direct human impact, even as evidenced by the happy appearance of dozens of children who patiently waited and excitedly welcomed the two monarchs on Wednesday afternoon.

“Koning, koning” (king, king, in Dutch), shouted some children waiting for their turn on the basketball court, while the kings entered the soccer field first to greet a group of disabled children waiting for the them time, practicing their best techniques until the end and then boasting about them in front of their majesties.

Some children need the help of a walker and the constant support of a teacher. The other one has an oxygen backpack hanging on the back. A teenager has difficulty walking due to leg problems. Another girl, with Down syndrome, ran after the ball and quickly passed it to a young man who had problems with all four legs.

They practice soccer techniques with the help of a group of instructors, until they are interrupted by the arrival of a convoy of William Alexander and Philip VI. Afterwards, everyone turned to see the kings, who walked around to greet those present and were accompanied by the foundation’s staff, who explained how they offer children with disabilities or from poor neighborhoods the chance to thrive through sport.

The monarchs were welcomed by well-known faces from the Dutch sports world. The retired soccer player Daphne Helena and the former basketball player Niels Meijer (executive director of the Spanish-Dutch foundation) offered them a tour; and the former footballer Jordi Cruyff and his sister Susila They explained to them the importance of this project for social cohesion and its impact on the quality of children’s lives.

The location of this field in the neighborhood of Betondorp, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, is close to the birthplace of the Dutch footballer and coach. Johan Cruyff (1947-2016).

With two children, the former coach Guus Hiddinkambassador of the foundation, explained to the kings the importance of the 14 rules of Cruyff: playing as a team, responsibility, respect, togetherness, initiative, practice, personality (be yourself), social participation, technique, tactics, development, learning, playing together and creativity.

The April storm gave the monarchs a few minutes’ respite. In football, each king joins a team: William Alexander he made the serve, and Philip VI He kicked the ball again, the game started.

When the ball started rolling, the kings moved to follow the show from outside the fences. Then, and under heavy rain, they went to the place where the Moroccan-Dutch champion Tyjani Beztati train kickboxing.

Finally, it’s the basketball court’s turn, where Philip VI tried to throw the ball in the hoop, encouraged by William Alexander and the great applause of the public, but the monarch of Spain did not succeed. The Dutch king also failed to score.

“What these kids are doing here today is what my father wanted. Let them all have fun. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or who you are,” he celebrated. Jordi Cruyff in media statements at the end of the visit.

The presence of the monarchs was more meritorious, he said, because in such a rainy day “they could have done something else,” but they chose to please these children, who saw in person what kings do in flesh and blood.

Source: La Verdad


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