“We must rebel in the face of adversity”


“We need to have the spirit to rebel in the face of adversity,” he said. Ferran Costa. One sentence is enough to identify what is Andorra in these remaining seven days. Seven finals that will decide the new fate of the ‘tricolors’. The first of all is this Sunday against Espanyol (2 pm), a team that falls into a completely opposite battle, the promotion, which will demand the “best version” of the team. Principality in what promises to be the biggest fan movement this season.

“We know that the challenge is very demanding. But at the same time we face it with conviction. We will have people on the field with a lot of desire to play a good game and we have to focus on the ninety minutes,” explained the Andorra coach in the preview of the duel against spanish (Sunday, 2 pm). An important match for the aspirations of both teams, where the most important thing is to “survive every little battle and have a mentality that allows us to stay in the game every moment” to achieve permanent positions, now three points away.

They will have a very tough opponent ahead, in an environment that promises to be one of strong emotions. “We know that he is a great rival. They are fighting for important things, they have a good team, and at home they are a team with a very high scoring rate. But we face it focused on the game, in search of our best version, knowing that we have to rebel,” he said. coastinsisting on the fact that it is very important not to give opportunities to the most unusual players of the blue and white team.

From mud football to professional football

It will also be a reunion match. Some were not expected at the beginning of the season, because this is the third time Manolo Gonzalezthe technician of Spanish, and Ferran Costa find themselves on the bench this year. Previously, they did this to the head of the ‘perico’ subsidiary and the Badalona Future, with success for everyone in group III of the Second RFEF, but this time from the mud to professional football: “As I told you yesterday personally, I am happy that the people who come from below and have worked for many years of It’s nice to have an opportunity like this,” he explained. coast without giving too much importance to past confrontations.

“He has been with the team for a long time and they can see his identity. But I don’t think the games have anything to do with this season. They are different situations, contexts, and different teams. It’s not something I give much thought to when preparing for the game,” he said. coast He prefers to focus on the group, an aspect he highlights every day. “We may be more right or wrong, but everyone who wears the shirt has to do it with pride, feeling and commitment. Things will get better or worse, but we have to let our lives go.”

Álex Calvo, serious doubt for Costa

On the other hand, the coach of Castelldefels cannot count on Allende, who will be out for the rest of the season, and probably not in Alex Calvo, injured his ankle in action that was reviewed by VAR as a possible penalty against Eibar. Costa will wait until the last moment to recover Martí Vilà and Albanis, who has been practicing with the group for several days, but doesn’t want to make excuses. “We must have the spirit of rebellion in the face of adversity. “They are players who are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.”

Finally, he wanted to call “for rationality and sanity” when asked about the bad environment expected in Front of the Stage: “This is football and I think it is something very beautiful. It has a lot to do with life for all it represents. Fight, improve and grow. Have a sense and act accordingly. There are many positive things we can take away from this sport. Today, it is important that everyone can freely identify with anything,” he reflected. coast.

Source: La Verdad


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