Lleida will not be easy on Cerdanyola


Cerdanyola Vallès-Lleida

Municipal Les Fontetes 17.00

Cerdanyola Valles: Alex Sanchez; Manu, Guille, Moisés, Jon, Lucas Pariente; Adam, Niko Kata; Max Marcel, Carlos Martínez and Boris Garrós. Replacements: Andreu (ps), Manel, Nico Olmedo, Moha, Joel, Ronald and Adri Díaz.

Lleida: Iñaki; Fer Cortijo or Joao Vigário, Campins, Roger Figueras, Òscar Rubio, Ton Ripoll; Quadri, Mateo, Javi Robles or Jon Bakero; Becerra and Agüero. Replacements: Satoca (ps), Javi Soto, Rossi, Combes and Musa.

Referee: Jerónimo Montes García-Navas. Madrid Committee.

Key match for the contenders. Cerdanyola need three points to stay in the game and Lleida have the same challenge to stay at the top. The greens were left without Bruno Lorente and Iñaki Recio, while the Irish suspended Sergio Montero and Chuli and injured Néyder Lozano.

Sant Andreu is playing two consecutive home games

Sant Andreu-Torrent

Narcís Municipal Stadium Room 18.00

Sant Andreu-Torrent: None; Méndez, Pelegrín, Sergio Castillo, Genís Blasco; Carlos Guzmán, Albertito; Alexis or Josu, Pau Darbra, Sergi Serrano; Paredes or Gerard Oliva. Replacements: Jaime (ps), Benítez, Luis, Gorriti or P. Santiago, Juanan and Òscar Romero.

torrent: Pol Ballester Diego Martínez, Carpin, Uri Jove, Ivi; Adri Pérez, Michel; Raúl Ruiz, Quim Araujo, Christian Albert; Boris. Replacements: Pablo García (ps), Jorge Ruiz, Climent, Fer Beltrán, Rubén Moreno, Mati Chavarría and Salah.

Referee: Nil Cubas Torras. Balearic Committee.

Sant Andreu have two consecutive games at Narcís Sala against Torrent and Valencia Mestalla, so if they add six points they will be eligible for bigger goals. The quadribarrados have losses to Sergi Vives and Ernest Forgas. The Valencians will try to surprise in a field that is difficult to attack. The ‘taronja’ squad regained winger Javi Zarzo after serving a suspension.

Saguntino is fighting back
to avoid relegation

Terrassa-Atlético Saguntino

Olympic Stadium 18.00

terrace: Frames; Diego Garzón, Víctor Morales, Soares, Lucas Viña or Neeskens; Pau Salvans, Jofre Cherta, Adrián Lledó, Muntadas; Buenacasa and Aythami. Replacements: Mujica (ps), Molina, Toledo, Dani Cervera, Álex Fernández and Jordi Cano.

Atlético Saguntino: Save; Luis Navarro, Roan Riera, Carlos David, Carles Marco; We, Pedro Torres; Javi Pérez, José Álvarez, Jean Paul; Guille Andrés and Fermín. Replacements: Ortega (ps), Madi, Javi Sánchez, Hugo López, Franc Mateu, Néstor Querol and Ángel.

Referee: Federico Javier Sáiz Villares. Balearic Committee.

The Roman squad is on the ropes after failing to get past the draw against La Nucía. Now it’s time to fight on the field of a tough rival. The people of Sagunto have not won a game since November 5. The people of Egarense are left without a punished Palacios and without Jaguar, Badal and Babanzila. The people of Sagunto have sanctioned Kike Torrent.

La Penya Independent knows that when they lose they lose

Penya Independent-Espanyol B

Municipal Sant Miquel 12.00

Penya Independent: Dani Simon; Lucas González, Losada, Revuelta, Mena, Heredero, Samu Pinto, Bautista, Vicent; Isuardi and Joan Piera. Replacements: Lucas Martínez (ps), Espinosa, Rayco, Curuné, Jawed, Javi Verdú and Sebas.

Spanish B: Venting; Jury, Casadesús, Ángel Gómez, Catalá, Hinojo; Roger Martínez, Rafa Bauza, Javi Hernández; Antonio Roca and Rivarés. Replacements: Kiriejevas (ps), Alejandro Pérez, Gorjón, Carvalho, Gori, Nene and Bashiru.

Referee: Fulgencio Madrid Martínez. Murcian Committee.

Last week’s defeat marked the end of hope for Penya Independent. The math says not yet, but the drop could come today. Guiseris was the local casualty. Javi Chica suspended Ian Forns and injured Joan Puig, Omar Sadik and Fortuño. Kenneth and Gastón Valles joined the first team.

Europa was left without Pau due to the fear clause

Europa-Badalona F

Municipal Nou Sadenya 12.00

Europe: Joel; Víctor Aliaga, Campeny, Álex Cano, Castell, Mario; Bermúdez, Pau López, Álex Pla; Adrià Genè or Pablo Servetti and Javi Eslava. Replacements: Álvaro (ps), Manel, Iván Bravo, Arnau Vilamitjana, Bezis and Adnane.

Badalona F.: José Ortega; Vargas, Pedraza, Genar, Lluís Recasens, Aleix; Segura, Jaime Barrero; Peque Polo, Chema Moreno and Víctor Valverde. Replacements: Jaume Durán (ps), Espínola, Jaume Piñol, Isaiah, Albert Torras, Xiker and Jaume Pascual.

Referee: Héctor Rodríguez Carpallo. Valencian Committee.

Europe wants to surpass a direct rival. Devoted fans of scapulates will be more decisive now than ever. The locals were left without Sergi Pastells, Borikó, Marc Vales and Noel Carbonell. The starting goalkeeper Pau Torres is not there either, as the Gracia club has to pay a clause of 5,000 euros for him to play, as he is on loan at Atlètic Lleida and its owners pay the costs of Badalona F The visitors have the absences of Edgar and Sergio Cortés.

Hercules does not trust Peña Deportiva

Hércules-Peña Deportiva

Rico Perez Stadium 12.00

Hercules: Carlos Abad; Retu, Nolan, Josema, Candelas; Roger Colomina, Mangada or Juanmi, De La Nava; Nico Espinosa or Alvarito, Mendes, Javi Moreno. Replacements: Cendón (ps), Ketu, Galvañ, Coscia, Nico and Richmond.

Sports Club: Edu Frias; Elorza, Chica, Gonzalo Pereira, Mejía, Madrigal, Toni Vicente, Lolo Garrido, Víctor Barroso; Vassilakis and Tovar. Replacements: Hartmann (ps), Amez, Fuentes, Omar de la Cruz, Fraile, Fortes and Salinas.

Referee: Pol Arenas Mora. Catalan Committee.

Hércules, one point ahead, does not trust a Peña Deportiva capable of overcoming any rival. The Alicante team will be without the suspended Samu Vázquez or the injured Artiles and Miguel Martí. Carlos Mangada is doubtful, as he did not train regularly this week.

Source: La Verdad


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