2-2: Rapitenca saves a penalty point




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Rapitenca: Dan Reverté (3); Trellez (3), Xavi Samper (2), Escudero (2), Mousa (2); Airam Benito (4), Pachu (4), Álex Samper (2) (Adam, 2, min. 66); José Carlos (3), Titi Belmonte (3) and Gerard Verge (3).

Vilassar Mar: Álex Baño(2); Joel Bona (2) (Marc Fuster, 2, min. 89), Óscar Reche (2), Alberto (2), Sergi Casals (2); Monterde (2), Adri García (2) (Granero, 2, min. 70), Oriol Molins (3) (Junior, 2, min. 70), Aleix Díaz (3); Bocardo (2) (Joel Gómez, 3, min. 89′) and Elhadji (4) (Montalbán, 2, min. 39).

The objectives: 1-0, Pachu (min. 31); 1-1, Elhadji (min. 33); 1-2, Joel Gómez (92); 2-2, Verge from a penalty (96).

Happenings: La Devesa. 950 spectators.

Referee: Tabares Ramírez (1). He warned Elhadji, Monterde, Sergi Casals, Montalbán and Marc Fuster.

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Rapitenca salvaged a point in the last minute thanks to a penalty in a match that went crazy in the final stages. And in the first added chance, Vilassar broke the tie and then came the aforementioned maximum penalty which meant 2-2.

Most in need of points, Rapitenca came out with great intensity in the first half, enjoying clear opportunities, such as a shot by Airam from almost midfield that went just wide. After half an hour it was 1-0. A cross from the right by Mario Trellez was finished off, sending Pachu into the net. With almost no time to react and their first arrival at Dan Reverté’s goal, Vilassar restored the tie with a Vaseline from Elhadji.

At the start, the local team went a step further and had clear options from José Carlos (in the post), Titi and Airam. But they did not succeed, unlike Vilassar who, although they only came close to the goal with a shot from outside the area, in extra time, and with the reversal of their rival, scored 1-2 when completed by Joel Gómez a counterattack. And when everything seemed to be decided, a clear handball in the area, after Titi’s shot, was awarded a penalty which Verge made 2-2.

Source: La Verdad


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