Klopp breaks the silence and talks about his replacement at Liverpool


The soap opera about replacement Jurgen Klopp within Liverpool It seemed to be coming to an end since the German announced in January that he was leaving the club due to the breakdown.

After the rejections of Xabi Alonso and Ruben Amorimit seems that things have been difficult at Anfield and it will be difficult to find a guaranteed replacement, but this week it is almost closed. Arne Slottfrom PSV Eindhoven, who manages the team.

So Jürgen Klopp, who until now stayed away from the subject, broke his silence and spoke about the Dutchman. “I’m not involved in the process, I want to clarify that. But I really like it if it’s him in the end. He wants to accept the job, you have to go for it. He’s enthusiastic”German explanation.

Kloppwho has given Liverpool a valuable stamp since his arrival, has also proven this at the football level. “I like the way his team plays football. What I hear about him is that he’s a good person. There are people I know about it, but I don’t know yet. But I really want to be told that he is a good person and a great coach. I am anxiously waiting to find out if he is the solution or the chosen person. I am happier. “It’s not my place to judge, but it all sounds good to me.”Klopp added.

In case you were thinking about it spacethe German spoke about directing the ‘red’ as “the best job in the world, the best club in the world. It’s clear now even if it doesn’t end at the top. There is room for improvement. Great job, great team and amazing people. “I’ll take a job if it’s really interesting.”.

Talking about sports and about losing against Everton complicating the battle for the Premier League, Klopp admitted that “I don’t remember ever being disappointed or disappointed after a match like this one. I’ve lost a lot in my life, but this one is special. You see Arsenal and City playing very positive football and with good results. We are where we are because we played ambitious football but we didn’t get there. We lost almost all decisive battles. In general, there was a week or two where we didn’t have that feeling,” declared Klopp, who also wanted to emphasize that. “We have a chance. I will do everything to try to play football again”.

Source: La Verdad


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