The renewed Pimi and UD Las Palmas: the plans for more than seven days are science fiction


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is credited with saying that “in politics, anything can be beaten in two months in science fiction.” At UD Las Palmas you will not reach those 60 days but anything that is evaluated about your sports management strategy is reduced to seven days. Another thing is sports policy because the coach, Xavi García Pimienta, was accepted precisely because he fit into a long-term plan. Details of that sports policy example: he has a contract until 2025.

The above is consistent with the stay of Pepper at UD Las Palmas starting May 30, 2024. Last February, when the yellow team did not go through any bad streak, in the Canary Islands there was a request to tie the permanence of Pimi, and both parties agreed to it . The yellow obsession didn’t go away as a result of the team’s play and it chain of good results when newly promoted.

Careful Union Las Palmas. UD Las Palmas handles silences in a very practical way: like Vatican diplomacy. UD Las Palmas is like the Church in the Canary Islands because it is everywhere and has the first and highest level of information network.

From recruiting and nurturing young players from the quarry to keep leakage under control. Pimi was perfectly fine with that idea and his press conferences barely lasted seven minutes. uttering mantras. In summary: the ambiguity about the renewal of Pimienta, a breeding ground for opinions on social networks, is not accidental: it is for avoid interfering with the performance of the first team.

From winter to spring. Since the winter of 2024, they have had a losing streak with their lowest budget in LaLiga as simple as the reasons Primera teams already know Pimienta’s style of play with so many audiovisual and Artificial Intelligence systems at their disposal, ‘arbitration’ defeats and defensive errors. UD Las Palmas also has technological systems to develop strategies in its game, but in lack of money he throws away as much as he can.

The agreed silence. As long as we are talking about the coach, not the players. Sports team and industrial club management in the hands of Luis Helguera, renewed in January until 2027, they maintain the same strategy as in 2023 before the promotion to First. We must not forget that mathematically UD Las Palmas arrived in LaLiga EA Sports with the purpose of drought and they did so as a result of a draw against Alavés on May 28, 2023.

And the president, what? Miguel Ángel Ramírez does not allow himself to be deceived by discouragement and confusion. This is 2024 has left the judicial tunnel which he has been going through since 2016. He will focus his head on businesses that he should have neglected before. until was declared innocent and club matters were entrusted to his trusted men. In April, when the team lost against Celta del Vigo, he went to see the team to give them a message of confidence while a slap the squad on the wrist while acknowledging its unity. Here you can read the statement from the Judiciary about the acquittal of Miguel Ángel Ramírez.

Basics of Law. Pimienta said this May that the negative streak that the yellow team is going through is derived from a human factor. Last weekend after Real Sociedad’s defeat, the yellow coach said it was his responsibility.

The yellow club has lost key matches as a result of referee decisions, performance of a newly promoted team and has the lowest budget in LaLiga EA Sports. Pimi has a contract with UD Las Palmas until June 30, 2025. In 2023 it was previously renewed after its promotion to LaLiga EA Sports. In 2024 the same thing happened.

When the coach was renewed in 2024, the club said they both made that decision: “For the sake of continue with the sporting project proposed by UD Las Palmas in returning to the First Divisionthe sports management is committed to extending the contract that binds the Catalan coach until June 30, 2025,” UD Las Palmas announced on its website.

Pimi arrived on the island in January 2022 after the dismissal of Pepe Mel and signed until the end of that season. With direct promotion to the First Division, the club offered him a renewal until 2024 to lead the team in the top category, and in February extended that confidence to 2025.

Majorca. UD Las Palmas defender Sergi Cardona will miss the visit to Mallorca the next day of LaLiga EA Sports due to the accumulation of yellow cards, after being reprimanded this Saturday in the match against Real Sociedad at the Reale Arena (2-0 ). He The Catalan left behind He came on in the 58th minute to replace Dutchman Daley Sinkgraven and nine days later he received the card with which he would complete his second cycle of prohibition.

García Pimienta admitted on Saturday at the end of the crash that He replaced central defender Mika Mármol four minutes laterwarned another of the players suspensionto protect him before the Mallorca match.

The right back is also one card away from suspension. Julian Araujowho reappeared with UD Las Palmas against Real Sociedad after more than a month injured, replacing Mika Mármol exactly in the 71st minute.

Source: La Verdad


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