“The difference in money is unfair. Many women are better, more brains than brute force”


He is the first Grand Slam champion from the qualification stage. He amazed the world by winning the 2021 US Open when he was only 18 years old and 150th in the world ranking. Without giving up a set, too. If Great Britain turns to Scot Andy Murray, it also has a new heroine in the world of tennis. And in some Islands with a tradition of Wimbledon, this sport is part of their religion.

He aimed for a new star, reaching the round of 16 Wimbledon, a few months before, but no one predicted the New York ‘boom’. From night to day she became the queen monopolizing covers and golden minutes in all kinds of media, from strict sports media to the most media shows and the most glamorous magazine covers.

However, pressure and injuries halted the dizzying trajectory. Emma Raducanuof Romanian and Chinese parents, is on sick leave from April 2023 to January 2024. Wrists and ankles, his weaknesses.

At 21, he occupies the 212th place in the WTA rankings, which does not allow him to directly enter Roland Garros, whose organization (the French Tennis Federation) did not give him an invitation. You plan to go through the preliminary phase.

The phenomenon Raducanu has fallen in Britain, but remains a star. His words had an immediate echo. In a statement to ‘The Times’ he highlighted the pay gap between men and women in professional circuits. He was very direct in his criticism.

“The difference in prize money is huge on the ATP circuit, which seems unfair to me,” he emphasizes. He does consider that “playing three sets in the slams is much better than five sets in men’s, which is brutal.”

It values ​​women’s tennis, where it teaches more quality and creativity. “Many players are better technically. They rely more on speed, agility and intelligence than brute strength.”

The four Grand Slams are dedicated to equal prizes, as well as 1000 tournaments like Madrid. This is not the case, however, of Rome, currently underway. The champion will take home 699,690 euros, while the champion will pocket 963,225. More than 250,000 differences.

Raducanu said that his bank account has increased significantly because he is a magnet for sponsors. According to Forbes list She is the fourth woman in sports with the most income, more than 15 million dollars, almost one hundred percent was obtained from her ‘sponsors’ since she was away for a long time.

Leading his Polish colleague Iga Swiatekwith almost 24, although in his case won two Grand Slam titles in 2023.

Although women do not appear in the top positions in the overall sports rankings, which are dominated by men.

Source: La Verdad


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