Riquelme’s words about Kroos now resonate: Is this the best meaning of ‘8’?


That day Toni Kroos has announced his retirement from football as soon as the Euro Cup that will take place this summer in Germanythe words he said earlier echoed Juan Roman Riquelmethe current president of Boca Juniors and another great midfielder of modern football, to define the German.

They asked Boca’s ’10’ which players he would like to sit and watch in front of the television and he said clearly: “I like Real Madrid’s ‘5’, the Englishman (for Bellingham) and also Kroos. Kroos is the most like Federer playing tennis. They can play the ball and they can go home without showering,” said Román.

That is why now, with the retirement of the German star, his words are pointed out as some of the most accurate to define a player who, without a doubt, will go down as one of the best in history.

Source: La Verdad


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