Williams? Carlos’ future in F1 remains unchanged: nothing has been decided


The rumors about him Carlos Sainz’s future in Formula 1 has made a radical turn in Monaco after the Italian version of the website ‘Motorsport.com’ assured this Thursday, at the start of the event in Monaco, that The Spanish management team will negotiate with a new team that was not initially among the candidates: Williams.

however, As MD has learned, nothing has been decided and the Grove team option is only one option among those available in the paddock, such as Audi (currently Sauber). Obviously, at first glance, based on the results and state of the team, seems more desirable than the Alpine or Haasbut nothing has been decided and nothing has changed lately.

Red Bull and Mercedes, complicated?

In recent weeks, the situation for 2025 is clear: there are options at Mercedes, with the rest of the available seat of Hamilton, Red Bull, waiting for what will happen to ‘Checo’ Pérez and Max Verstappen, and the Audi, the latter is a more long-term option since, in 2025 it will continue to be Sauber, which means fighting for the podiums next year and within a new team with very ambitious goals but not in F1 They are guaranteed of nothing.

It seems that Mercedes is looking in a different direction. According to ‘Sky Sports’, the British team will not sign Carlos Sainz and the promotion of its young driver Andrea Kimi Antonelli, continues to sound strong. For its part, at Red Bull, Verstappen seems clear that he will continue to fulfill his contract to continue with the winning car in 2025 and in the paddock there are strong voices that the team may renew ‘Checo’ Pérez. If these rumors are confirmed, there is a choice of Audi, Williams and the rest of the seats that will remain free (Alpine or Haas).

Two-year Williams contract?

According to the aforementioned media, the Madrid native could choose a two-year contract with Williams to stay on the grid with a more competitive car than what Sauber has now (Stake F1) to renegotiate his future and look for a winning seat beyond 2026. For example, it is not known if at that time, in front of 2027, ‘Checo’ will continue with Red Bull. Just like other drivers who now occupy winning seats.

There, the market game can be reactivated with better options for the Spaniard, also waiting for Williams, with a Mercedes engine, to improve its competitiveness with the arrival of the new regulations in 2026.

Everything is still very open

However, according to Sources consulted by MD, nothing has been decided and the management team continues to talk to all teams to find the best solution for Sainz’s future. Nothing is done and everything remains as before. It’s not time to decide.

Source: La Verdad


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