Roma could be a Champions team this weekend


Rome is in a dire situation, where It depends on other teams to secure its place in the Champions League this weekend for next season. For this to happen, the Atalanta must lose his battle against Turin and the same Juventus as Bologna they must win their battles monza and Genoa respectively.

This happens because, depending on how the Atalanta in the classification of A series At the end of the season, they either give an additional place to the sixth-place team (Roma, in this case), or they don’t.

The one in Gasperini tThey have gained access to the continental tournament. On the other hand, if they stay in the top four, the fact that Atalanta won the Europa League does not give them an additional place in the next Champions League, and Roma will be left out. On the other hand, if Atalanta finishes in fifth position, the additional spot that Italy would get for being, along with Germany, the country with the best performance, would go to the sixth-placed team.

So far the Rome He has a good one, because those from Bergamo are in fifth position as they want, with 66 points. But Bologna and the Juventus -third and fourth respectively- are only two points apart (68) and there is one more match played than the Atalanta. that’s it Juventus missed his meeting monzaor the Bologna can’t score against him Genoawill cause danger to ‘gianlorossi’.

Source: La Verdad


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