Serious accusations – martyrdom: woman beaten and abused for years


Shocking allegations against a suspect in the Spittal an der Drau district of Carinthia: a young woman was allegedly threatened, beaten and abused by her then partner.

If the allegations against the suspect are true (the presumption of innocence applies), then the victim has suffered not only physical but also psychological torment. And this supposedly lasts for years! According to the woman’s statements, her then boyfriend regularly abused her with punches and blows.

In hospital with injuries
That is why she (arguably) went to the hospital with a hand injury after one of the many attacks. However, out of fear for her then-boyfriend, the woman stated that the cause of her injury was an alleged fall. But the abuse would not have been the only torment the victim had to endure…

Forced to have sexual intercourse
While they were still in a relationship, the suspect forced her to have sexual intercourse against her will at least three times. Fearing brutal consequences, she did not defend herself and endured the attacks. According to the victim, even the eventual divorce did not stop the suspect.

Cruel torture and death threats
The suspect was already dependent on crutches due to a work accident and recently attacked her again with his fists at her home address – allegedly accompanied by cruel torture and death threats. The suspect was released on suspicion of persistent violence and dangerous threats. In addition, an access, approach and weapons ban was issued.

Source: Krone


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