The conclusions of Ancelotti’s trial for London


It’s the party real Madrid played against him Legs This is the last for the white team before the final of Champions next June 1 at Wembley. Carlo Ancelotti held a dress rehearsal for that final against Dortmund and the truth is that saying goodbye to Kroos has hidden some of the doubts remaining in that match for the final.

One of the doubts is Bellingham. The Englishman is not the same as he was in the early part of the season, he appears and disappears very easily and his arrival from the second line to score is not as common as it used to be.

Added to Bellingham’s lack of a goal was Rodrygo. The Brazilian is vertical and takes a lot of risks, but when it comes to seeing the goal, he has problems. The best thing, of course, is that in Vinicius’ new role, more in the middle, Rodrygo moves all over the attacking front, disrupting the rival’s defenses.

Camavinga, For his part, he will start at Wembley due to the absence of Tchouaméni. Eduardo Carmavinga is not as tactically disciplined as Tchouaméni and his additions to the attack pose as much of a danger for the opposition as for Real Madrid themselves. Therefore, everything indicates that it will be Cross and Camavinga was not the defensive pivot in the final.

To all this we must add that against Betis, in real Madrid It is difficult for him to play against an opponent who is well planted on the field. For several minutes, their ball circulation was slow and predictable which made the match boring. In addition, Real Madrid suffered from several counterattacks by Betis and from crosses in the area, one of Dortmund’s strong points.

Ancelotti He confessed after the meeting about the team for London that “I have a week to think about it, there are some doubts but until Friday we are going to enjoy this moment and this final. “We also have to enjoy the preparation, which we will do our best to try to win on Saturday.”

Source: La Verdad


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