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One of the best news of the season ended for Atlético de Madrid, if not the best, was the response of his fans. The red and white fans responded, and how, on a course that left mixed feelings due to the performance of the team led by Diego Simeone.

The receptions given to the mattress team on the important days of the Champions League will remain in the memory, with thousands of people waiting for the arrival of the bus on Avenida de Arcentales, creating a visual and acoustic spectacle that traveled the world.

The atmosphere in the stadium is also remarkable. Even the ultras of Inter Milan They were amazed by what was experienced in the red and white fiefdom in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 played by both teams and ended up being resolved in a penalty shootout for Atlético.

And if we look at the attendance data, we can see the magnitude of the response given this past year by Colchonera fans. Because more than one and a half million people passed through the Cívitas Metropolitano in 27 matches (in three competitions) and a training session open to the public at Christmas time held at the Avenida de Luis Aragonés coliseum.

The meeting that brought together the largest number of spectators was the one at Inter. 69,196 people packed Madrid’s stadium to witness the team progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Cholo. This is the historical record of the Metropolitano, which last summer had a remodeling to expand the capacity, reaching 70,460 seats, 2,000 more than before.

With only ten of those 27 games failing to reach 60,000 spectators, the lowest attendance was the derby against Ray, played during the week and in the final hours, which brought in 47,003 fans. An important figure considering the circumstances and being the lowest attendance on the course, it is already important, reflecting the support of a fan who responded even for that Christmas training, with more than 13,000 people in the stadium.


QBut the red and white club also recently announced that it ended the season with 140,419 members, unique numbers that have not yet reached the Metropolitano entity. Atlético is from record to record in this sense, another campaign surpassing the previous number, from the 22/23 season, estimated at 137,631 members.

It should be noted that the Athletic manages two affiliates. Everyone who gets a card is a member, but there are subscribers and non-subscribers. And in the case of subscribers, the mattress club reached the historic record of subscribers: 60,000, the maximum quota set for the current year and reached on January 16, with half of the campaign still left to play.

Metropolitan help, in detail

Osasuna: 58,401
Celtic: 63,014
Athletics: 64,612
Girona: 64,214
Dortmund: 68,641
Barcelona: 68,253
Inter: 69,196 (record attendance)
Betis: 61,901
Las Palmas: 61,196
Athletic (Copa del Rey): 65,029
Lightning (lowest entry): 47,003
Valencia: 59,493
Seville (Copa del Rey): 60,169
Real Madrid (Copa del Rey): 67,623
Open training (December 30): 13,036
Seville: 64,308
Getafe: 46,401
Lazio: 63,574
Almeria: 55,473
Mallorca: 58,119
Villarreal: 56,632
Celtic: 60,863
Alavés: 50,009
Royal Society: 65,607
Feyenoord: 61,742
Cádiz: 53,421
Real Madrid: 69,082
Grenada: 56,164

Source: La Verdad


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