Bayern turned away Schalke’s jewel


The soap opera is finally over Assan Ouedraogoyoung midfielder Schalke 04 18-year-old who is said to be a future signing for Bayern Munich. His father made it clear that the move would not happen. He told ‘Sky Sports’ exclusively. “Unfortunately, there are many false reports circulating about Assan. The truth is that Assan and we never committed to Bayern, even though we had a well-paid contract ready to sign for months .”

“For us the idea and the project are more important than the money offered to us by Bayern. We know the current situation of the club and, of course, we followed it carefully. Bayern openly and honestly informed us that , for various reasons, “They don’t want to allow Assan to be transferred this summer,” he said.

“Today we continue to work with Schalke 04 to find a good solution for the club and for Assan. Assan has Schalke in his heart, I can assure you. We are not yet committed to any club. What we can confirm is that we have received several written offers not only from Bayern, from many other clubs.

Source: La Verdad


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