Carlos Alcaraz, star at Roland Garros and the EBAU test!


Carlos Alcaraz looking this week to win its first tournament at Roland Garros, but its fame goes beyond Paris. Specifically, in his house, at Murciawhere he is not forgotten by his countrymen even on special dates in disciplines that are theoretically unrelated to sport.

This is the case with exams. It is on EBAU period and Alcaraz also starred in it. Not as a student, but as a specific ‘enemy’ of students because one of the questions on the Mathematics II test revolved around tennis player rankings of El Palmar and the number of tournaments won by the best Murcian player in history.

EBAU’s particular tribute to Alcaraz was based on a question the students were asked calculate the ATP points added by ‘Carlitos’ in the major tournaments he won in the 2023 season. Here, the students were given the ATP scoring system so they could calculate Alcaraz’s performance in the various tournaments last season, according to his category and based on the points Carlos earned across the categories. that.

A headache for the students, not only because of the calculations but because the amazing 2023 season of Alcaraz certainly made the calculations not easy. Just in case, from afar, the student of Juan Carlos Ferrero remains determined in Paris that the question can be repeated in 2025 with more points in the ranking.

Source: La Verdad


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