Reception for the Massi Baix Ter at the Girona Provincial Council, after participating in the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Femenina


He president of the Provincial Council of Girona, Miquel Noguer; the Sports deputy, Jordi Masquef, and the deputy Vanessa Peiró They received this Tuesday at noon in the corporate cloister the Massi Baix Ter Women’s Team. The development of Baix Empordà It lost the UCI Continental category this year, but continues to compete in top cycling events in Catalonia, Spain and internationally.

Without going any further, this past weekend, he took part in the Return to Catalonia which, for the first time, was held as a UCI 2.1 international category stage event. Paula Blasi, In the 34th final position, he was the best classified of the five team members in the competition.

In particular, Blasi is one of the cyclists who visited the Girona Provincial Council today, along with Marta Romance, Mireia Trias and Laia Colomé. The last two are the two division representatives in the team, from Mont-ras and Banyoles, respectively. Members of the coaching staff completed the delegation of Massi Baix Ter, along with the sports director, Tony Migueland the team manager, Angel Gonzalez, In front; and the president of the Baix Ter Cycling Club, Sergi Güell.

ANDThe president, Miquel Noguer, emphasized the support offered by the Provincial Council of Girona, for many years, to women’s sport and, in particular, to Massi Baix Ter: “A solid project, rooted in the territory, with cyclists from region and from all over Catalonia, and that contributes to the projection of our demarcation beyond our borders. We all know that the path has not been easy and many stones have to be crushed to become a reference at the state level “.

The quarry is work

Founded in 1990, the Baix Ter Cycling Club It created its first women’s team fourteen years ago to give exposure to cyclists from the entity who were finishing their training phase. Apart from the first team, the women’s side of the club is completed with a cadet team and another elite team (the subsidiary), both integrated within the club’s structure. Baix Ter Women’s Academy.

He president of the Baix Ter Cycling Club, Sergi Güell, emphasized “the importance of strengthening the structure and base, as it represents the present and also the future of the team.” In this sense, he emphasized the cases of Paula Blasi and Laia Coloméwho rose to the first team from the reserve team this season.

To close the event, Sergi Güell presented to the president of Provincial Council of Girona of two jerseys, one from the first team and another from the reserve team.

Source: La Verdad


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