French parties are seeking alliances to compete in parliamentary elections


The chairman of the French conservative party The Republicans (LR) is in favor of forming “an alliance” with Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party (RN).

He run-up to the elections in Franceannounced by the president Emmanuel Macron behind the defeat in the European elections this Sunday has forced the left and right parties to seek alliances.

The dissolution of the National Assembly and calling elections for the June 30th and the July 7 It has upset leaders, who are trying to find common ground for the upcoming elections.

In this context, Eric Ciottichairman of the French conservative party The Republicans (LR), has expressed support for forming an “alliance” with the far-right party National Group (RN), from Marine Le Pen, to form a ‘conservative bloc’.

Ciotti made it clear that they would continue to have their own group and they did just that Integration under the banner of the National Group is excluded, although the very possibility of such close cooperation would imply a breach of the historic cordon sanitary established by the centre-right in France. From his point of view, his party is “too weak“only to” defend the values ​​of the right.

In this context, the left parties have reached an agreement in principle to create a ‘Popular Frontagainst the extreme right. The Rebellious FranceHe Socialist Partythe Vegetable and the Communist Party have proposed “supporting individual candidates in the first round.”

The aim of this alliance is ‘to implement a program of social and ecological ruptures’ build an alternative to Macron and combating the racist project of the far right.

Source: EITB


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