Large paycheck: which education will earn me the most?


Anyone who wants to know for themselves, their children or grandchildren which education can currently be used to earn how much when starting a career can do so now: the ÖPWZ Institute has conducted a major survey to find out what graduates expect from companies of apprenticeships, schools, university and college salaries.

The ÖPWZ (Austrian Productivity and Efficiency Center) research provides the most comprehensive overview of starting salaries in Austria – and the best guidance on what kind of pay you can actually expect as you start your career. Salaries were differentiated depending on the orientation of the training, for example economic, technical or legal.

The ÖPWZ has also determined how much graduates from apprenticeships, schools, universities and technical colleges normally earn three to five years after starting their careers – and where salaries are highest. Interesting: the salaries of interns increased by 17 percent in two years, and for HAK graduates even by almost 20 percent. Plus: Compensation expert Conrad Pramböck gives career starters the three best quick tips to get a higher salary.

Source: Krone


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