Pina: “Certainly more Spaniards will come to play in Mexico”


He FC Barcelona is on Mexico to play friendly matches Chivas. The team led by Jonatan Giráldez arrived early this Tuesday in Guadalajara, to prepare to play a match against the Mexican team next Thursday (4am). Claudia Pina and Irene ParedeThey spoke to the media at the start of the rivalry and highlighted the level of Liga MX Femenil:

“We know that it is a competitive League, that many people support them, this is something that I want to happen in the Spanish league. They have good teams, they are always among the first in the league. If not I’m wrong, two years ago they won the title It will be a nice game, I hope that many people go to the game and have a show that the public will enjoy,” highlighted the one from Montcada and Reixach.

After the arrival of former Barça players Jennifer Hermoso and Andrea Pereira, who could join Sandra Paños this summer, the midfielder emphasized how well people are talking about the competition in Mexico: ” It grows every year, they The truth is they speak very well to us about being here, about playing here and they are very happy to be here, which I think is also very important to be able to be here, to be able to compete here.”

Finally, he left open the possibility that more players will start coming to Mexico: “Now I’m sure that more Spaniards will come, more and more, because as I already told you, I think it could be an interesting place to continue playing soccer.”

In the Basque part, he thanked all the love shown to them by the Mexican fans: “We are grateful for all the love we have felt since we arrived yesterday. There are quite a lot of people, many women… that is a it’s a sign that things in Mexico are getting better that the girls are having references and someone to look up to I understand that a club like Barça continues to attract a lot of people and we’re trying to give the message on the field, but we want to show that we can be champions and that a girl can play soccer.

Source: La Verdad


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