Sachslehner in CLUB 3 – “Women are judged and judged more heavily”


Today’s broadcast of “Club 3” discusses current European events, among other things. The former general secretary of the ÖVP Laura Sachslehner, “Krone” journalist Petja Mladenova and communications expert Jürgen Eisserer are present. Moderator Tanja Pfaffeneder leads the show.

In addition to Austria, 26 other EU countries have voted on the future composition of the European Parliament. Ultimately, the FPÖ and the ÖVP are only one percentage point apart. The SPÖ finishes close behind in third place. In general, there is a clear shift to the right. Many people are dissatisfied with the integration policy.

“It’s not easy for women in politics”
What is striking: from the Commission President to all camps, female politicians have achieved success. Although women in politics often have a much more difficult time than their male colleagues. In Germany, Alice Weidel of the AfD and Sahra Wagenknecht’s party scored points. In Brussels, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen celebrated the victory of her conservative party family. In France Marine Le Pen shone, in Italy Giorgia Meloni was satisfied with a strong result. “Especially when it comes to difficult topics, such as migration or security, you are judged and judged more strongly than men,” says ÖVP politician Laura Sachslehner.

You can see the entire program in the video above.

In “Club 3” politicians, journalists, pollsters and public figures discuss the latest topics affecting Austria and the world. Tanja Pfaffeneder presents the show.

Source: Krone


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