What a way to suffer, what a way to dream!


What a way to suffer, what a way to dream!

What a way to endure, what a way to grow, what a way to feel, what a way to suffer and dream! The mythological letter of song dedicated by Joaquín Sabina to his Atlético de Madrid Any self-respecting Spanish fan can do this themselves.

Parakeet fans scored the first goal before the ‘final’ against Sporting. Espanyol played the most important and decisive match in its recent history and the fans, as always, were not disappointed.

The kilometers of queues seen on the roads leading to Stage Front Stadium and the incredible reception given by several hundred fans to the bus carrying the players, They gave us the impression that the atmosphere was going to be amazing. Everything was overcome. It’s been years since Perico Coliseum looked like this Thursday. A mosaic in blue and white He surrounded the entire stand and welcomed those Manolo Gonzalez with a sumptuous aperitif: the anthem was sung a cappella by 30,605 fans. The emotion cut through, it was clear that the match would go down in club history. So it is. A night that culminated in a happy ending for a swollen worthy of joy.

Manolo Gonzalez He spoke before the match that the duel should be made like a Double-match Champions this is about. “Cold head” repeated the coach on several occasions and his players followed his orders, though Omar saw a direct red card more than tight for a late tackle that didn’t ruin his good game but thatand stop playing in Oviedo On Sunday.

Another day, the Espanyol were against the goal, a topic they should try to pass no matter what in the grand final against an Oviedo that showed it was anything but an easy opponent. In Tartiere, the goal must be refined and it must be time Braithwaite and company. The defensive work must continue to be clean to complete the return to the First Division at home in St. John’s wort. Long live Spanish.

Source: La Verdad


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