How are you? – Revealed: this is what the Viennese think of their neighbors


How are you?  – Revealed: this is what the Viennese think of their neighbors

A new study provides unusual insights into local housing complexes. Result: Viennese are the most dissatisfied with their neighbors. The ‘crown’ wants to know exactly now. Are you also annoyed by your neighbors? Send us your most bizarre stories.

Who doesn’t know it? When you are pulled out of bed at five in the morning because Mr. Müller is loudly lecturing his dachshund from the third floor on the street – because he has once again relieved himself in front of your own front door instead of that of the neighboring house. Or Mrs. Svoboda from the ground floor, who always discovers her love for playing the piano in the evenings. The relationship status between Viennese neighbors – it’s complicated.

Salzburgers love conflict
This is now confirmed by a study by ImmoScout24. 51 percent of Viennese say that they find some neighbors annoying. After all, almost a quarter are “very happy” with their fellow sufferers. Lower Austria follows in second place with 44 percent. But: Three percent of Viennese interviewed cannot stand their neighbors at all.

Those looking for peace and quiet have a good opportunity in Burgenland
By comparison: in Salzburg almost one in ten people is an enemy of their neighbors. Coexistence is cultivated on a completely different level.

Carinthians are the happiest
By the way, Carinthians are happiest with their neighbors, where 55 percent are “very happy”. If you don’t want to be happy or irritated, you can of course stop contact with the outside world completely. This is probably the preferred tactic of the Burgenlanders. 32 percent of respondents say they have no contact with their neighbors. On the other hand: if you want peace and quiet, you have good options in Burgenland.

Write us your most bizarre stories
But back to Vienna: Yes, the Viennese are honest, sometimes to the point of pain. A neighbor mowing the lawn at seven in the morning promptly hears the blunt feedback shouted at him through the closed windows. And if someone makes a mistake in recycling, a shitstorm in the hallway is guaranteed. You simply can’t choose your neighbors.

What experiences have you had with your neighbors? Let’s share it via email.

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