Airplane becomes incubator: passengers tip over


Airplane becomes incubator: passengers tip over

Things literally got heated during a flight from Antalya to the German city of Münster. The temperatures inside the sealed machine were unbearable. Passengers fainted.

The temperature in a plane that was to take off from Turkey to Germany reached as much as 50 degrees. Redheads are featured in videos making the rounds on social media (see below). Particularly tragic: babies were also on board and suffered greatly from the heat, and adults also panicked.

How could that happen?
On Thursday (June 6), a charter flight from the Turkish company Mavi Gök was scheduled from Antalya to Münster in the evening. During boarding, more and more people boarded the plane. But nothing happened. “We were there for at least an hour. The people in front of us had even been there for a long time,” Hüseyin Cakir reports to the Swiss news portal “Watson”. Afterwards, temperatures in the passenger cabin continued to rise.

Recordings from the holiday plane on TikTok:

There was helplessness among the passengers: no one told what was happening, only half an hour later they heard the message: there was probably a technical defect. But even then nothing was done. The doors were closed…

The plane has increasingly become a sauna. Those who did not speak Turkish probably could not get information from the ship’s crew.

No mercy for the passengers
Even with cooling it didn’t look great. “We’ve been in this incubator for 45 minutes. Nothing happens here. No drinks will be served,” said a TikTok user.

“One by one people collapsed, some lying in the corridors,” Hüseyin Cakir said. Only after an hour did the ice begin to spread. But the situation had already escalated even further.

Recordings from the holiday plane on TikTok:

Baby all red: “My child is about to fall”
In another TikTok video you see a woman holding her baby in her arms – it is already completely red from overheating. She shouts worriedly, “My child is about to fall!”

As a result, the situation escalated further. After more than an hour, the staff decided that people could leave the plane again. When we arrived back at the gate, there was still no information or drinks.

Go crazy with drinks
“At one point someone panicked and shouted, ‘Here guys, you can help yourself, there are drinks here,’” says Cakir. People ran for the water bottles. The police then intervened, but they also did not help the passengers.

The flight to Germany ultimately departed four hours later than originally planned. It remains a mystery why passengers faced such delays. ‘Watson’ states that neither the airline nor the airline have yet responded to a request for comment.

Not an isolated case
These types of cases happen all the time. For example, in July last year, several passengers collapsed on a plane, but were still not allowed to leave the plane. The next shock came in August, when passengers were stuck in a stationary plane for about seven hours.

Source: Krone


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